KODIME is pleased to announce that the marketing department at TNT Post are receiving the Power User Award 2008 for their advanced ongoing use of its ZOOMtxt® mobile marketing software solution.

Nico Köpke, CEO of KODIME Ltd, the company behind the ZOOMtxt software solution, commented: “Our solutions and their features are driven by our active user community and their requirements. KODIME’s annual Power User Awards are in recognition of pro-active and advanced use by the chosen company’s marketing team. TNT Post have been tremendously proactive in their use of mobile over the past 12 month, and we are delighted to announce this year’s award for the team, who set new standards in the creative use of mobile by companies embracing the direct marketing opportunities now available from the use of mobile.”

Simon Dolph, Head of Marketing TNT Post, remarked: “Over the past year we have begun to actively use Mobile marketing in a variety of scenarios, from recruitment via B2B information services to supporting our efforts to lower the carbon emissions of our entire supply chain. In all cases, ZOOMtxt has proven itself to be a very flexible and reliable solution, and has allowed us to easily explore and learn what works best for TNT Post in mobile communications.”

ZOOMtxt is KODIME’s complete software solution for mobile marketing. Enabling a complete set of mobile marketing and messaging scenarios, ZOOMtxt is 100% software as a service (hosted solution), connects to all UK mobile operators, is easy to use and backed by an experienced support team. From two-way SMS communication to shortcode numbers, mobile internet sites, instant response and outbound push campaigns, interactivity such as SMS to win, SMS to vote, mobile content distribution and more, ZOOMtxt enables organisations to easily operate a range of mobile marketing activities without occurring overheads.

KODIME’s annual Power User Awards are presented for the product categories property, music and media and direct marketing. Past winners include the London Symphony Orchestra, Lifecycle Marketing and St. James Homes.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 4th August 2008