CommuniGator Ltd, a leading email marketing software provider, today announced a major release of the GatorMail e-marketing platform. The credit crunch and looming recession are putting pressure on marketers to reduce budgets and work ever more efficiently. The new features of GatorMail are designed to help the marketer create personalised, compelling campaigns which give each recipient an interest score (iScore) or rating based on their demonstrated level of interest in the subject matter.

iScore is an efficient way of rating your prospects as cold, warm or hot, depending on their actions within a campaign. Based on their rating, follow-up or triggered campaigns can be sent to push the contact along the sales funnel, thus offering tremendously effective and automated “drip” marketing, or flag them up as a ‘hot prospect’ for immediate contact by the sales team.

Marketers with product catalogues or brochures to distribute to their audience will be thrilled with the new integrated Virtual Catalogues and Brochures functionality. It offers an online “turning pages” experience where the actions of the reader, for example, which pages and articles they have read, are written back to the campaign results and also increases or decreases their interest score.

Not sure which of two subject lines is going to get the best response? Stop the marketing department arguing over which is best with the split test feature. V5 introduces automated split testing to control groups in your audience. It is designed to allow you to choose the best email and subject line for a particular campaign. Marketers can select up to two different emails and attach up to two different subject lines. You can then choose a proportion of your audience to send the test to. Based on the results, select the best combination of email and subject line to send to the remainder of the audience.

If all that was not enough, additional integrations are brought to the table with V5:- GatorMail now comes equipped with out-of-the box integration with Google analytics so email marketing effectiveness can be measured side by side with website statistics.

The long awaited and talked about integration with offers 2 way data flow showing the true power of ASP software working in harmony to reach a common goal – increased revenue.
In addition to product enhancements, CommuniGator has recently strengthened its’ sales team with the appointment of 4 new employees.

Lee Chadwick says “This new release takes GatorMail to the next generation of email marketing – we are now able to offer truly intelligent email marketing software which will make budgets work efficiently, the job of the marketer easier and provide comprehensive reporting to satisfy the board.”

CommuniGator Ltd are preparing for a move this summer to new premises in Guildford, Surrey to accommodate their expansion.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 4th July 2008