Channel Intelligence, Inc. (CI), the leader in innovative marketing technology solutions for manufacturers and retailers, today announced the BETA release of its new eCommerce data platform. The platform, called CI Exchange (CiEX), enables high-fidelity data exchange between participants within CiEX communities. Unlike any other data platform in the eCommerce industry today, CiEX results in a more accurate and reliable database of eCommerce product information, as the data both describes and validates itself prior to exchange.

Participants in CiEX (pronounced “sci-ex”), ranging from manufacturers to retailers, data aggregators, service providers, content providers, publishers and more, will be able to store and exchange eCommerce data seamlessly. Those participants who share similar data and business needs and want to share product data will cluster together or form groups to create communities, much like in the social networking arena. Participants can join multiple communities without limitation, to enable sharing of eCommerce data free from many of today’s common data exchange issues.

Robert Sefick, Chief Technology Officer for Channel Intelligence, explains, “Today, most eCommerce data exchange occurs via FTP and data feeds. This method of exchange is slow, unreliable and prone to mistakes. CiEX solves these issues by implementing a service-oriented architecture for exchanging strongly typed items in near real time.”

“CiEX will play a key role in eCommerce for many months and years to come,” adds Rob Wight, Chief Executive Officer for Channel Intelligence. “We’re only in the beginning stages of running our own operations on this new eCommerce data platform and can already see the performance benefits to our product lines.”

The company is currently working with a select group of BETA partners and clients during this initial release and expects to open up CiEX to the eCommerce community later this year. For more information about CiEX, please visit Companies interested in becoming a CiEX integrator or participant should send an email to

About Channel Intelligence, Inc. (CI)
CI is a product data technology and marketing company focused on helping retailers and manufacturers make their products easier for consumers to find and buy on the Internet and in local retail stores. The CI product database is capable of storing, managing, optimizing and analyzing hundreds of millions of products every day. This database powers product data for leading manufacturers and retailers in Computing, Hardware, Tools, Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Toys and other Consumer Product industries such as Apparel, Cosmetics and Jewelry. CI offers innovative suites of services for hundreds of the world’s best known manufacturers, retailers and publishers and provides distribution of product data to over 50 destination websites, including the proprietary CI Ad Network. Cultivating partnerships with some of the best solution providers in the eCommerce arena, CI is a partner company of Internet Capital Group (Nasdaq: ICGE) and Aweida Capital Management. CI was founded in 1999 by CEO Robert Wight and EVP Alan Fulmer and is headquartered in Orlando, Fla., with offices in Geneva, Switzerland and London, England. Learn more at

Joy Lee
Channel Intelligence, Inc.

Published on: 12:00AM on 7th July 2008