Hunt the spreadsheet was an exercise frequently performed by car fleet controller Marie Jarrold until she introduced Jaama’s multi-faceted web-based Key2 Vehicle Management software to BCA, Europe’s largest vehicle auction company.

The award-winning system is now being used by BCA to improve the operating efficiency and management of its fleet of 393 vehicles based nationwide - mainly cars, but also including light commercials, motorbikes, road sweepers and even fire engines.

Crucial to the decision to introduce the system was its occupational road risk management modules, which includes driver licence management.

Also vital was Key2 Vehicle Management’s ability to seamlessly interact with other internal and external software - including fuel card data provided by a third party supplier, and BCA’s own payroll department for employee P11d information and the company’s insurance department for accident management information.

Ms Jarrold, who was named Fleet Manager of the Year in the 101-400 vehicle fleet category at this year’s Fleet News Awards, said: “Our previous desk-top based fleet management system was outdated. It was impossible to upgrade the system any further. To cope with today’s fleet management requirements I had resorted to spreadsheets to record some information.

“That had all become very time-consuming and I was frequently playing hunt the spreadsheet as I tried to find information to enable me to compile management reports.”

After comparing and contrasting three different fleet management software systems and seeing the Jaama system being used by other fleet managers, BCA backed Ms Jarrold’s decision to introduce Key2 Vehicle Management.

Ms Jarrold, who is now working towards her diploma in car fleet management with the Institute of Car Fleet Management having passed both the introductory and certificate programmes, said: “I wanted to further develop management of the BCA fleet along best practice lines. It was clear that to do that BCA needed a much more modern fleet management system.

“We now have a modern system that is capable of further function expansion and provides me with a reservoir of data that is all stored in one place to monitor, measure and compare and contrast the performance of individual drivers and vehicles effectively.”

Additionally, a dedicated helpdesk at Jaama’s Tamworth headquarters and the availability of training for BCA’s fleet department staff has further boosted the effectiveness of the introduction of the Key2 Vehicle Management system.

Ms Jarrold, BCA’s fleet manager for the past four years, added: “The ICFM courses helped me to focus on exactly what I needed to look for in choosing a 21st century fleet management system. We investigated the market very carefully, but it was worth it because we have chosen a system that is bringing significant benefits to BCA and is saving me a lot of time in searching for data.”

Jaama managing director Jason Francis said: “Fleet decision-makers are becoming increasingly software savvy. They understand the importance of choosing technology that not only works for the fleet department, but also can fully integrate with systems operated by external suppliers and other company departments.

“Today’s forward-thinking fleet operators can utilise cutting-edge fleet management software it to their advantage to maximise fleet effectiveness. In turn the management information they can supply to their bosses on every facet of fleet functionality has never been more detailed or more accurate.”

He added: “Data available to fleet operators has increased by a factor of 50 in the last decade and will continue to increase. However, fleet decision-makers can decide what they want to monitor and measure by exception. We can then customise their Key2 Vehicle Management software to meet their own individual requirements, which is what we have done with BCA and we do with almost all our customers.”


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And Jaama is the first to combine fleet management software and risk management services to help customers meet their driver health and safety responsibilities under occupational road safety regulations.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 10th July 2008