- New Pigsback.com poll reveals how well brands are targeting consumers -

A recent survey looking at whether brands actually understand their customers has today revealed that consumers feel supermarket brands and female focused brands are the best at engaging with their target audiences.

Nearly half of respondents questioned felt that advertisers value their opinions when creating adverts. However, according to 62% certain brands are better than others at understanding their needs. Dove’s ‘real women’ and Tesco’s ‘every little helps’ adverts were most highly recognised, when asking consumers about which advertisers do the best job of trying to understand their motives.

Only 2% of consumers believed that advertisers are doing a good job of advertising and don’t need to listen to their audience more. This move towards consumers feeling that they should have more of a say follows trends on how brands are increasingly trying to integrate personally with consumers by offering samples and personalised advertising campaigns tailoring to individuals needs.

In terms of improvements in consumer targeting, 42% believe that the internet has driven the way brands now advertise. This is reflected by the brands with a greater online presence featuring more prominently in the survey.

The consumer attitude poll is the first of its kind for Pigsback.com who provide their clients with more efficient ways to interact with consumers, offering insight into emerging sentiments towards brand advertising.

Gareth Lambe, MD of Pigsback.co.uk said

“What this survey represents is the growing need to engage with consumers differently.
Consumers are becoming more sophisticated in the way they view targeted marketing and as such brands are going to have to adapt beyond traditional practise and audience groupings. The methods of communication on the internet currently employed can often be intrusive, unwanted and ineffective. Pigsback provides a forum where brands can communicate with consumers who visit the site specifically to interact with those brands”


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Notes to Editors
About Pigsback.com
Pigsback.com is an online marketing business with operations in Ireland since 2000, in the UK since 2005 and in Canada since 2007. The company operates in the most dynamic sector of the advertising industry (online advertising) and offers an exciting new model for advertisers and consumers.

Pigsback.com has developed an innovative and very engaging form of online advertising. It recruits a large community of members who are promised the benefits of rewards and entertainment in a very safe, controlled and targeted manner. Brands are both the source of Pigsback.com’s content and of its revenue, as they pay to interact with the Pigsback.com community in return for marketing fees.

Pigsback.com is not a website where the advertising is trying to interrupt the consumer’s experience. Advertising and marketing are the site’s raison d’etre and are welcomed by the consumer.

Current UK brand partners include L’Oreal, Simple, Typhoo, Virgin Holidays, Tesco, Sky, Intercontinental Hotels and John Lewis. For more information www.pigsback.com.

Published on: 12:00AM on 14th July 2008