Cloudmark’s Global Threat Network™ technology enables rapid identification of new messaging threats

LONDON––July 14, 2008––Cloudmark, Inc., the global leader in carrier-grade messaging security, today announced that it has been awarded US Patent 7,373,385, for Cloudmark’s Global Threat Network™ technology.

This patented technology, the Global Threat Network system, is the industry’s first collaborative threat detection system. The Global Threat Network system consists of 600 million trusted reporting sources, including service provider abuse teams, systems administrators, honeypots and users, who report email messages into the system in real time. Corroborated feedback from these reporters enables Cloudmark to automatically block new spam, phishing and virus outbreaks within minutes of the original attack.

“Today’s sophisticated and fast-moving messaging attacks easily outpace solutions that rely on manual isolation and remediation,” said Leon Rishniw, VP of Engineering at Cloudmark. “Only an automated, real-time global threat detection system can offer the accuracy and fast response time needed to effectively combat today’s threats.”

The pioneering patented technology drives Cloudmark’s unrivalled accuracy and rapid response time. With Cloudmark’s Global Threat Network technology, threat monitoring is not limited to a single research group in a company, as is the case with other threat detection solutions, but extends to a 24/7 network of millions of diverse reporting sources from every country around the world. This feedback is then validated through Cloudmark’s Trust Evaluation System™ algorithmic analysis methodology to ensure the highest degree of system accuracy. The combination of Cloudmark’s Global Threat Network technology together with Cloudmark’s Advanced Message Fingerprinting™ technology brings extremely high filtering accuracy and also reduces infrastructure and operational costs to service providers who deploy Cloudmark Authority® software.

“The Global Threat Network is the first and largest trusted collaborative threat detection system in the world,” said Rishniw. “This patented technology gives Cloudmark customers unmatched protection against emerging threats and demonstrates Cloudmark’s expertise and innovation in the field of messaging security.”

About Cloudmark®
Cloudmark, Inc. is a global leader in carrier-grade messaging security, delivering the most accurate, high-performance and comprehensive real-time spam, virus and phishing protection for fixed, mobile and social networks. Cloudmark patented solutions combine Advanced Message Fingerprinting technology based on innovative, highly efficient algorithms and a Global Threat Network consisting of trusted reporters in every country across the globe to provide security intelligence and filtering at all points of the messaging infrastructure. Cloudmark solutions protect more than 600 million mailboxes for the world’s largest service provider networks, including over 75 percent of major ISPs in the United States and Japan. Cloudmark's customers include Swisscom, EarthLink, Comcast, Tele2, Thus, NTT OCN and XS4ALL (KPN) as well as leading hosting providers, Mailtrust, domainFACTORY, Intergenia and others. Cloudmark is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco with offices in London, Tokyo, Beijing and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit

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Published on: 12:00AM on 14th July 2008