Visitors can choose from 12 live streams of sporting events
Nedstat provides NOS insights of Olympic website

Amsterdam, 22 August 2008 - Nedstat announces that it provides NOS all insights of visitor behaviour for their Olympic site. With the use of Sitestat and Stream SenseTM, NOS (Dutch Public Broadcasting) monitors the novelty of giving people the possibility to instantly switch among 12 live streams of different Olympic events that are offered on the site.

The NOS Olympic website puts the viewer in control by offering 12 video channels that the viewer can choose from. This makes it possible to select sporting events that are not broadcasted live by NOS on Nederland 1, the television channel for the Olympics in the Netherlands. In addition, the site offers on-demand video streams of highlights, plus a connection to NOS radio reporting live from China.

The video streams on the NOS Olympic site are amongst other formats, also served using Silverlight technology by Microsoft.

Roeland Stekelenburg, Head of New Media at NOS: "We have used the Olympic Games to bring online viewing of live video streams to a higher level. Our interface and navigation are unique in its kind and the video quality that we offer, including an HD stream, is also a first. And the visitor numbers tell us that the public has a great appreciation for our efforts."

"The NOS Olympic site is a great example of how television companies should adopt the online channel", says Michael Kinsbergen, CEO at Nedstat. "The viewer is in control and can select the sporting event of their interest. Other events can be seen on-demand at a later stage. With the simple and straightforward interface NOS has made it very easy for people to choose and switch channels."

The NOS Olympic site can be found at

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Published on: 12:00AM on 22nd August 2008