London, UK - 22nd August, 2008 - StrongMail has signed a deal with World Dating Partners, one of the world’s biggest Internet dating services providers. Under the terms of the agreement, StrongMail will provide the company with a commercial-grade, on-premise email solution that will deliver marketing and transactional emails to the company’s 21 million global users.

World Dating Partners’ business is driven by email. It is the principle way in which the company communicates with all members and ensures client sites are visited on a regular basis.

“We send five main kinds of email to our users,” comments Tanya Fathers, CEO of World Dating Partners. “We notify users when their membership payments have been processed and also provide user-generated alerts – telling members when their profiles have been read or commented upon by other users. We also use email to provide customer support and answer technical or site etiquette questions.”

However, World Dating Partners’ most important communications are based on promotional emails that offer members selected discounts on goods that have been matched with their lifestyle preferences. For example, if a site user selects ‘dining out’ as a keen interest, then they might receive promotional offers linked to restaurants in their area. These emails are particularly important to World Dating Partners and its customers as they provide an additional and significant revenue stream.

StrongMail’s solution has greatly refined World Dating Partners’ database segmentation capabilities, enabling the company to automatically carry out detailed database analysis to match each user’s selected lifestyles, hobbies and site profiles with relevant purchasing opportunities. This creates much more targeted and personalised email campaigns, with content that appeals more specifically to each user. World Dating Partners can now plan and execute many more campaigns within the same timeframe – and each one is far more effective. As a result, World Dating Partners has seen a marked improvement in the number of sales being made in response to promotional email offers.

World Dating Partners has also taken full advantage of StrongMail’s Live Updates feature, which allows the company to deliver emails that meet ISPs’ changing requirements. StrongMail has a large, dedicated team that works closely with ISPs around the world to understand their current volume and content controls. This team gets access to the latest information, which, for example, might include the number of hyperlinks that can be used in an email or the total volume of emails that can be sent out in any 30-minute period. This information is then fed back in real-time to the software, and the updated rules are immediately applied to World Dating Partners’ email marketing campaigns. In addition, StrongMail handles all bounce-backs, and provides World Dating Partners’ administrators with reasons for each bounce so that it can be addressed, and the database amended accordingly.

Tanya Fathers concludes: “Site members have responded in an extremely positive way to our revised email marketing strategy. Far from seeing World Dating Partners’ correspondence as ‘junk’ and just hitting the delete key, they now take time to look at what’s being sent to them – and, most importantly, are heeding the calls to action. That’s great news for our customers and us as it dramatically improves the profitability of each site and our business as a whole.”

Regarding the return on investment from the StrongMail solution, Fathers adds: “StrongMail has more than paid for itself in the short time that we’ve been using the solution – and we look forward to a very long and successful partnership together.”

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Published on: 12:00AM on 22nd August 2008