***Latest METAspectrum Report Names ProClarity an Industry Challenger in Evaluation of Fifteen Leading Vendors in the BI Market***

BOISE, Idaho, June 3, 2004 - ProClarity Corporation, a leading provider of analytic application technology for the enterprise, today announced it has been ranked a challenger in the META Group's Business Intelligence METAspectrumsm market report. ProClarity was specifically recognised for its strength in execution, agility, personnel, industry focus, business drivers and pricing.

The report provides an objective assessment of the top 15 BI vendors on a broad range of factors that determine both market presence and performance. In particular, the METAspectrum report analysed criteria such as vision and strategy, business drivers, channels, awareness, geographic coverage, industry focus, investments and market share to rate vendors on market presence. In order to determine market performance, factors such as technology, services, pricing, execution, agility, personnel and financials were evaluated.

According to the METAspectrum report, "The BI market is expected to continue growth at about 10%-15% per year as IT organisations are clearly increasing their annual spending on IT. We believe the long-term prospects for the BI market look very solid, especially as corporations embrace business performance management (BPM). As BPM is rolled out to more and more business processes, BI tools will be needed to provide analytic scorecards as well as drill-down query and reporting."

ProClarity is poised to continue strong market growth by expanding application ties on the strength of the award-winning ProClarity® Analytics Platform. The company experienced approximately 15% growth in license revenue in 2003, and the ProClarity Partner Network has grown by nearly 170% to include more than 600 partners around the world.

"We have consistently improved our market position over the last eight years by staying ahead of industry capabilities," said Dave Hallmen, ProClarity chief operating officer. "Our advanced drill-down capabilities, patented visualisation and intuitive dashboard designs put corporate decision makers at the helm of their business, and we plan to continue our strong growth pattern by offering a world-class analytic application development platform that enables our customers to improve business performance and success."

ProClarity received the second highest score (after Microsoft) in the pricing category, which evaluated options and value for the money. ProClarity offers excellent alternative pricing models for customers that require flexibility in the purchase and/or use of products and services. ProClarity delivers a best-in-class platform that dramatically reduces the time and complexity of developing and maintaining sophisticated custom analytic applications. In addition, ProClarity delivers a suite of analytic tools built from ProClarity platform components to help customers realise immediate decision-making benefits - all under the same license.

Since its release in November of 2003, the ProClarity Analytics Platform 5.3 has served as the cornerstone for a variety of advanced analytic tools in various industries including retail, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, banking, financial services, government and education.

About ProClarity Corporation

ProClarity Corporation's industry-leading application development platform helps customers build sophisticated custom analytic solutions that enable decision makers to make more insightful choices faster. These solutions, based on business processes, decision-making workflows and existing database and software technologies, feature patented visualisations, web-like navigation and powerful calculations to transform information into individual understanding. UK operations are based at Heathrow with headquarters in Idaho, USA and regional sales and services offices in Europe and Asia-Pacific. Founded in 1995, ProClarity supports more than 1700 customers globally including ABN AMRO, AT&T, Ericsson, HP, News International, PepsiCo, Reckitt Benckiser, Roche, and Scottish & Newcastle Retail. To learn more, visit www.proclarity.com.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 3rd June 2004