Endsleigh, the independent insurance and financial products intermediary, is targeting students with an integrated online push through, Inbox - a member of Digital Marketing Group plc. This is Inbox's first major campaign since it was appointed as Endsleigh's digital agency earlier this year with the task of moving the brand forward to become more digitally-focused.

Aimed at generating quotes with new and returning university students, the campaign drives students to the Endsleigh quote engine, www.endsleigh.co.uk/student, which has been given a new look and feel and simplified process by Inbox.

Endsleigh has introduced a brand new product range for students promoted by Inbox's campaign, which uses the theme of 'overprotection', with for example, images of a dog guarding a bike and a laptop wrapped in barbed wire, to communicate the message that with Endsleigh students don't need to go to great lengths to protect their valuables, whilst at the same time demonstrating the range of items that they can now choose to cover.

A range of ads, from banners and MPU's, to skyscrapers on student targeted sites including www.ucas.ac.uk and all the major student union sites, will push students through to Endsleigh to get a quote.

Inbox will also help drive quotes further virally with a 'Walk of Shame Game', www.walkofshamegame.co.uk, launching during the Fresher's period. The game will be seeded through Viral Net, a division of Digital Marketing Group plc.

At the beginning of the four-level game, the scene is set with the player tasked with getting home still in fancy dress garb after staying over at a friends' house. After choosing their character, the players' challenge is to make their way home along the 'walk of shame' to the halls of residence, picking up valuable items they lost around the campus the night before along the way, whilst avoiding the glare of passers by such as lecturers, groups of giggling girls, the rugby team and nerds, to minimise their level of shame. If the player meets their glare for too long they die of embarrassment. Each level is made progressively harder with the addition of more passers by to avoid and objects to collect. Students who get a quote for their possessions insurance via the game will be entered into a competition offering £10,000 worth of prizes, including a fancy dress party for their university and 100 iTunes vouchers.

Hyperlaunch, a partner in Digital Marketing Group plc, will further support the push with online PR placements, including a takeover of www.thestudentroom.co.uk in early September.

Commenting on the campaign, Mike Day, e-commerce manager at Endsleigh said, "We're constantly optimising our offer to make sure that it fits with student's needs and this year we're offering unique tailor-made packages so they can choose exactly which of their valuable items they want to protect. With this campaign we're pushing this message across multiple touchpoints to reach the widest possible student audience, whilst also showing them how quick and easy it is to get protection with Endsleigh and inspiring them to get a quote."

The campaign will also see Endsleigh debut its new Inbox-designed brand design, which will be applied through-the-line. Oli Christie, creative director explains, "The smart, uncluttered photographic style, cleaner, more stylish font and darker graduated blue with yellow accent make a more unique, compelling, stylish and uniform look that tells people what Endsleigh's about and marks them out as a leader and specialist in the insurance market."

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Published on: 12:00AM on 27th August 2008