Suite26 is the latest addition to the Global Gold Email Marketing product portfolio. This new application integrates with a CRM system and Survey functionality and launches to mainstream UK businesses on September 1st 2008.

Initially Global Gold's directors thought it was simply more powerful and efficient than its predecessor, but quickly learned from its own customer base that Suite26 has many more attributes to shout about, including, being:

- easy-to-use
- intuitive
- low-cost
- web-based
- extremely flexible.

Suite26 is ideal for start-up businesses and established ones alike, because you can send personalised messages with variable content in HTML and/or text format on a simple Pay-As-You-Go basis.

At a time when companies are looking to make significant economies, Suite26 stands head and shoulders above the rest. There are no tie-in clauses, no hidden costs or heavy upfront financial commitment, in short, this Email Marketing application is ideal for SME businesses operating in today's economic climate.

Last but definitely not least, Suite26 comes with a sleek, modern dashboard that gives you up-to-the minute information on campaigns, latest versions, send information, detailed reports, and so on, delivering exactly what any Marketing Doctor would prescribe!

Out now at:
Call 0845 313 0902 today and get your FREE TRIAL set up.
Prices start from £20 per send.

Published on: 12:00AM on 1st September 2008