UK email service provider Emailcenter have enhanced their viral marketing offering with the release of their new “Email-a-friend” solution, a unique tool that dramatically enhances the viral spread by integrating with a recipient’s webmail address book, in a similar way to the likes of social networking sites such as Facebook.

“Existing attempts by marketers to encourage customers to forward emails onto their friends require the customer to manually enter their friends email addresses. This restricts how many friends they will send it to,” states Nigel Williams, MD of Emailcenter.

“By enabling recipients to directly access their address book from Hotmail, AOL, Outlook or whichever provider they use we have seen huge increases in the amount of people that friends forward the email to,” adds Nigel.

“The other problem we have solved for the marketer is in tracking and measurement. Each stage of the viral process is tracked to gauge the overall campaign success along with automating the fulfillment of incentives that have been offered to encourage the viral spread.”

Initial viral campaigns using the solution have seen the amount of forwards per time increase from around 1.5 forwards to 24.5, a 1409% increase over traditional viral technology. Conversion rates to sign-up on the back of these have remained the same which has dramatically increased the subscriber numbers to clients email newsletter lists.

The tool can be hosted on the client’s website for all website visitors to utilise, not just existing email subscribers. All branding and messaging is entirely configurable to the clients’ requirements and fully compliant with EU data protection laws.

Further Information

Additional details can be found on the Emailcenter website ( or by contacting Sean Duffy on +44 (0)1327 350921.

About Emailcenter
Emailcenter are a leading email marketing service provider offering the technology, services and expertise for deploying timely and relevant email marketing campaigns.

Maxemail, the email marketing software platform developed by Emailcenter has been delivering millions of emails since 2001 and is now in version 4. Maxemail can be deployed either as an on-demand solution, installed software or as a fully managed service.

Based in the UK Emailcenter provides email marketing solutions to over 400 UK organizations including Saga,, National Savings & Investments and talkSPORT.

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Sean Duffy, Marketing Manager
Emailcenter UK Limited
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Published on: 12:00AM on 2nd September 2008