Speed-Trap abolishes tagging and provides marketers with 360-degree online customer visibility

-Speed-Trap launches new 'zero-touch' deployment software that removes the need to add tags to websites and delivers complete client-side data capture accuracy -

Speed-Trap, the online customer insight specialist, today launches new 'zero-touch' deployment for its suite of customer insight software – Speed-Trap 6.1. The software captures complete, accurate, detailed, real-time information from every user, visitor or customer of 'instrumented' on-line applications and web sites.

Customer Data for CRM and Targeted Marketing Applications

Speed-Trap has a proven track record of being able to deliver customer-focussed, session-structured data via advanced reporting and open data models that allows its customers to build customer data marts, data warehouses and business applications with complete, accurate feeds of behavioural, experiential and transactional data from every visitor.

Since the company was founded, Speed-Trap’s unique Dynamic Collection™ technology meant that a single change to the site or application would deliver a complete suite of customer data. Now, by using ICAP-capable network components, this single change can be applied via network software - proxies, load balancers or firewalls. Therefore, when looking to instrument any site or enterprise application that uses a browser as its interface, you won’t have to make any changes whatsoever!

'Packet-sniffing' simplicity with, Client Side Accuracy

This announcement means that customers can now deploy Speed-Trap's software as simply as 'packet-sniffing' web analytics solutions, but benefit from the rich, accurate customer experience data that is only available from in-browser, client-side collection systems.

Malcolm Duckett, VP Marketing & Operations at Speed-Trap, comments, “This is precisely the solution that marketers have needed all along. They now have complete online insight into customer interactions – everything from a mouse move to an incomplete form, rather than just 'page hit' levels of information – with an extremely simple deployment process.”

Duckett continues, “By instrumenting the site at the network level, using standard network products to insert the Dynamic Collection code into each page, Speed-Trap can now gather absolutely every interaction between the user and the site or application in order to create a detailed, customer-focused, session-based record that is ideal for real-time CRM, personalisation, customer experience and business process monitoring applications. In short, we deliver the ultimate view of everything they did, everything they saw and everything that happened to each user of the site or application.”

All this is possible because Speed-Trap’s Dynamic Collection uses a static insert which dynamically adapts to each page, allowing complete collection from any HTML page, including Flash and SSL applications and needs no additional code or variables to be defined. This is particularly powerful as it means that deployment timescales can be measured in hours rather than weeks or months, and any web-based applications that use a browser for access - can be instrumented without any code changes.

Charlie Irish, Technical Manager at InsuranceWide, the independent insurer comparison service and Speed-Trap client, comments, “Tagging in any form is vastly inferior to Speed-Trap's style of session-based tracking. It is not only a time-consuming process, but it is also impossible to say for certain which parts of the site are the best to tag. Subsequent changes are often difficult to make and the process is so long that it's easy to slip into a situation where you have to maintain a legacy system. Packet-sniffing is equally inefficient. It provides an incomplete picture with data that is very hard to analyse. With no visibility of most of the interaction, using packet-sniffer applications to do more than basic error detection of customer insight is only a few steps removed from trawling through server logs. Session-based tracking really is the only reliable way to understand your customer.”

Duckett comments, “Tagging falls down mainly from a logistical point of view – it simply takes too long and costs too much to do. Even if the time issue can be ameliorated through tag automation you still only recover basic page-level data, so there is still the massive unspoken problem of how does a marketer know what additional data he wants to tag for?”

“Deciding what elements of the site are to be tagged is not so much a science as a stab in the dark and no tagging solution combats this fault. If the wrong objects, forms or clicks are monitored, huge underlying site problems remain undetected and when bad things happen the users have to go back and tag some more, to try to get the data they need. In reality this means spending more time and money with the IT department and then waiting for the tags to be deployed and the data to arrive. With Speed-Trap, all that data is already available for instant analysis,” concludes Duckett.


About Speed-Trap

Speed-Trap is a provider of software that uses Web 2.0 technology to capture and deliver complete, real-time data on every individual on-line customer and prospect, based upon detailed analysis of their current and historic on-line behaviour and experience – complete on-line customer insight.

Software solutions built using Speed-Trap are being used by businesses to drive, monitor and measure on-line marketing activity, on-line business processes and real-time and near-real-time personalisation systems.

Based in the UK, Speed-Trap’s customers include Alliance & Leicester, directgov, Betfair, Paddy Power, PC World Business, moneysupermarket.com & travelsupermarket.com, Hoseasons and WH Smith. Speed-Trap’s partners include the SAS Institute, Arcade e-Business, Detica and Intelligent Environments.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 3rd September 2008