LONDON, UK - Aug. 11th -- inQ, a pioneering company featuring pay-for-performance outsourced online interaction optimization services, is now helping sell products online for four of the top five U.S. cable and satellite TV operators, and 7 out of the top 12 North-American telecommunication carriers.

"There's a lot of competition in the arenas of telephone services, cell phone plans, cable and satellite TV options, and consumers are finding in inQ a user friendly solution online to provide information and feedback that makes sense out of complexity for them," said Bernard Louvat, inQ CEO. "inQ's ChatCommerce can help bring clarity to consumers, and that results in heightened online sales for the carriers that employ inQ to chat with the visitors to their respective websites."

Louvat notes that inQ's approach is unique in the marketplace because it combines software and human agents as part of an outsourced service, and clients only pay for performance, or the chat-assisted sales that inQ agents generate. He notes that inQ attracts companies with large volumes of website visitors that acknowledge the urgency of increasing sales in a tough economy while not wanting to have to spend significant monies for infrastructure and human resources. Said Louvat: "Because of our pay-for-performance business model, inQ customers not only have essentially no up front investment costs minimizing their risk, but they know from the get-go that getting results is not a mere incentive to inQ -- it's our very oxygen!"

Kenn MacKay, senior client services director at inQ based in Atlanta, who spent 26 years at AT&T before joining inQ to run the company's telecom practice group, says his clients appreciate both the telecommunications industry savvy and the strong expertise of transactional websites that inQ's multi-disciplinary teams bring. Even more so, they respect the sophisticated processes that inQ has developed for constructing and executing a customized chat campaign that boost online sales for their specific products and services. "We have the right people, the right technology, and the right processes. The substantial boost in sales and our pay-for-performance business model have earned us the trust of our various telecommunications, cable and satellite industry clients. They know inQ will focus on the right customer at the right time with the right offer to drive product sales, customer acquisition, and customer retention," said MacKay.

Reflecting on chat campaigns that inQ spearheads for its telecommunications and cable operator customers, Jessica Langdorf, director of analytics and optimization at inQ, said analytics and software technology come into play at two points -- pre chat and post chat. "inQ's technology automatically determines which visitor to engage, and when and where to do so. When the conversation with the visitor and the agent starts, inQ agents have at their fingertips the right info to provide assistance and guidance that the website visitor will most appreciate," said Langdorf, who joined inQ after having worked at Sprint Nextel for 3 years. "After the chats happen, we have analytics technology that helps us assess the quantity and quality of the chats -- how many chats are offered, which chats that are offered are accepted most and why, as well as which tactics are working best for converting online visitors to online purchasers."

inQ's online sales boost performance has impressed its carrier clients. Said Norm MacNeil, marketing director at Vonage Canada, "In coming to inQ, we were looking for some big gains, we wanted to move the needle in our online sales. After the first 90 days with inQ, we saw a two-fold increase in our overall website conversion."

Note to editors: The rankings of the U.S. cable operators that inQ serves is derived from a list of operators by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association enhanced by the 2 major satellite broadcast operators in the United States and ranked according to number of subscribers.

The inQ list of top North American telecommunications carriers it helps is derived from the Total Telecom Global 100 list published in October 2007, looking only at the top 50 and pared down to carriers with broad consumer advertisement campaigns in the United States or Canada in the 12 months period ending 6/30/2008.


inQ is the world leader in pay-for-performance chat solutions. Its live chat solution humanizes the online experience by engaging with targeted online shoppers and replicates a quality in-store assisted shopping experience. By utilizing state-of-the-art, proprietary technology as well as trained and experienced online representatives, inQ offers sales and support solutions that are completely customized and continuously optimized to meet each client's specific needs. Increases in overall online revenue are between 20% and 30% within 90 days of launch of the inQ solution. inQ clients include AT&T, Sprint, Virgin, Vonage, Rogers, Wyndham Hotels, Gamefly, Guthy Renker and other leaders in the telecom, cable, retail, travel, media, and financial services industries in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. More information can be found by visiting


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Published on: 12:00AM on 11th August 2008