Lookuppage.com has formed a strategic partnership with The Business Startup Community to offer a free Lookup Page to over 20 000 users, providing business people with a professional online presence to help them promote themselves and support their business online.

“Lookuppage.com provides the ideal service for business people whom we know will get searched online”, said CEO Ehud Furman. “In an age where search is used to research individuals it is important that you manage your online reputation and create a professional online profile that can support you and your business. The business Startup Community as a leading online business portal is the ideal partner and we will be working with them to offer their members a service that can really help their online marketing efforts”.

Lookuppage.com launched in early 2008 and already has thousands of users from around the world who wish to create an online profile that will be highly visible in the search engines.

“According to the London Metro 72% of sole traders are not online and research by the PCP in Nov 07 revealed that 32% of consumers search for professionals online before employing them. These two factors alone should ensure that our partnership with The Business Startup Community will enable their customers to generate additional business opportunities from using the lookuppage.com service. In the current climate services that can provide a strong return on investment are crucial and we’re excited about the value we can bring to The Business Startup Community membership.”

“Here at www.startupcommunity.co.uk we are extremely keen to help businesses become successful and by joining forces with Lookuppage.com, we are giving our members the opportunity to use the latest technology in search engine optimisation. We are the flag ship that is helping to launch Lookuppage.com and are very excited to be working in Partnership with Cyclicom who has produced such an innovative and forward-thinking product”, said Katie Moore, Founder & Managing Director

www.lookuppage.com technology allows a person to create a professional online profile with a focus on becoming highly visible in search engines. Unlike social networking sites the focus is on making this individual’s web page a professional representation to extend their online marketing for themselves and or their business. Lookuppage.com also provides tracking so users can see when they are being searched and by whom.


LookupPage provides individuals with a visible professional presence online. As ‘Online Reputation Management’ becomes a key part of any marketing strategy LookupPage is a unique service focused on supporting individuals and making them highly visible in search engines.
www.lookuppage.com is a product of the Cyclicom Group founded in 2006.

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Ehud Furman
CEO, Lookuppage.com

The Business Startup Community launched in October 2006 and is part of Prysm Group, who has been established as the market leaders in organising exhibitions for start-ups and small business owners for the past eight years.

Media inquiries:

Katie Moore
Managing Director, The Business Startup Community
+44 (0)870 351 7998

Published on: 12:00AM on 19th September 2008