Ambergreen has created the first MySpace custom community with a football focus. This is the first sales deal where an internet marketing agency has developed a remote content management system for MySpace.

From today, New Football Pools ( will offer free games, interactive football related content and entertaining downloads, as well as a weekly podcast presented by Radio 1’s Mark Chapman, aka ‘Chappers’.

Dominic Starkey, Head of Online Marketing at the New Football Pools explains: “MySpace is a powerful platform for New Football Pools to engage with a new target audience, creating a top football community site, showcasing our products and content in a social media environment. Our aim is to build a voluntary online community that will serve as brand ambassadors to their network of friends.”

The roots of New Football Pools are based in offline communities, sharing skills and knowledge, making social networking an ideal media for new users to engage with this iconic brand.

Interactive marketing agency Ambergreen has developed a dedicated remote content management system so they can directly control and update interactive elements of the profile, including the streaming of RSS feeds and podcasts, meaning the user will have continual access to fresh content.

Tino Nombro, Ambergreen CEO comments: “This revolutionises the way advertisers use social media. And takes social networking in a completely different direction by opening up the possibility for mini social networks operating within the broader MySpace community.”

Anthony Lukom, Managing Director of MySpace UK, said: “MySpace provides a great forum for brands like New Football Pools to build a two-way conversation with consumers. They are able to engage an audience with creative and innovative content that keeps on bringing them back”.

Launch content includes a Premier 10 free play game, Spot the Ball free play game, blog, competitions, podcasts, widgets, snippets from the latest Away Win magazine and videos. Ambergreen has also built a desktop application that can be downloaded from the New Football Pools MySpace page delivering the latest news, offers and games to user desktops. The avatar is there to support the community and push information out to users to create stickiness and interaction.


For more information contact: Sarah Lee :: 0131 225 3875 ::

Published on: 12:00AM on 25th September 2008