Edinburgh satellite broadband company Tariam has announced further developments in the complex area of VPN over satellite broadband. Tariam has been searching for some time for the key to running VPN over its cheaper DVB-S satellite offerings. Working closely with a company in the USA, and its Satellite Provider, Tariam has announced it has the solution.

A new product, launched today, allows companies and remote users to reliably use Tariam’s entry level satellite solutions to log-on to their Virtual Private Networks. The resolution involves additional hardware to the standard satellite set-up, and is ideal for VPN based remote control and monitoring systems at non ADSL sites. Tariam can provide the product anywhere in the UK or France, and will be offering it in other countries in Europe later this year.

Tariam’s Communications Director, Ben Cannon, said that the new product solves the issues of performance degradation associated with running IPsec open standards over TCP accelerated satellite connections.

“We announced the ability to VPN over our DVB-RCS satellite products a while ago, but we have been aggressively pursuing the holy grail of satellite VPN; to do it cost effectively for small businesses and single remote users.

“With this new solution some additional hardware is required, but the customer can get away with running our cheaper Sat 500 Pro or Sat 1000 systems. The hardware costs of these are often covered by the grants available in parts of the UK for alternatives to DSL where no fixed line broadband is available.

“The additional hardware is installed like any terrestrial VPN router, and provides end-to-end VPN solutions. Standard features include a firewall, embedded address management capabilities such as NAT and PrAT, in addition to VPN standards such as IPsec, GRE and SLE.

“We continue to develop our products around open standards where possible, and to design solutions ensuring customer can use our technology without major changes to their existing set up. This usually means getting connected will be cheaper and more straightforward. New satellite users are also freer to decide which VPN solution to opt for.”


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Published on: 12:00AM on 16th June 2004