Emojo launches Affino 5 eBusiness Suite – to Maximize Social Marketplace Revenues

Emojo launches the next generation of the Affino eBusiness Suite, designed to maximise online revenue opportunities by providing live performance indicators alongside the means to instantly transform the way business is conducted.

Dynamic Business Online

The Affino eBusiness suite is the leading solution for managing eBusiness sites in an integrated out-of-the-box solution. The fifth generation platform sees the introduction of the eBusiness Dashboard and the eTest Solution as the latest addition to the eBusiness Suite.

Affino 5’s new eBusiness Dashboard allows website managers to view all their site’s key performance indicators at a glance. The eBusiness Dashboard consists of 50 drag-and-drop widgets, each of which can be tailored to specific timeframes and for tracking defined areas of an Affino eBusiness site. The widgets can be arranged in a series of screens to facilitate rapid review and printing of reports.

Key performance indicators include: sales performance, live shoppers, sales conversions, new customers, peak users, site traffic, top contributors, top bloggers, top rated content / media, top networkers, failed searches and who’s online. Each widget provides graphical, visualisation and data views of its metrics and allows drilling down into data, from contributor to content to timescale.

Of course, knowledge is nothing without action, and the revamped Control Centre gives faster and more direct access to all of Affino 5’s Commerce, Community, Content, Design, Media and Promotions management screens to allow immediate site overhauls to meet new and evolving market conditions.

For generating revenues, Affino lets site owners make use of more than 10 seamlessly built-in commercial / monetisation engines which include: advertising and sponsorship, affiliates, content commerce (including content and media feeds), donations, events and courses, learning and etests, analytics and information, jobs boards and classifieds, memberships, retail catalogues and digital media stores (including pay-per-view, video-on-demand, downloads and subscriptions), search and tailored services.

The social networking and content management solutions have been extended significantly to offer multi-layered memberships. This allows community owners to monetise all forms of community activities whether they are premium communications such as instant messaging or responding to jobs posts; or premium access such as viewing members’ profiles, etests or media.

Ebusiness sites need to evolve rapidly to stay relevant and Affino 5 is quite singular in empowering its site owners to measure and evolve their online businesses instantly and without the need for developer input or 3rd party assistance. Moreover, owners have the ability to monetise pretty much every aspect of a site and its communities and to introduce premium memberships for value added services and content.

Further Affino 5 Enhancements

The Affino 5 Control Centre revamp, featuring instant search and kinetic scrolling, is further enhanced by an advanced Flex-based media browser and editor. The new media environment brings about the most elegant, rapid means of media retrieval alongside innovative asset generation from video snapshots and Amazon album cover art.

Affino 5 also sees an entirely new eTest application, which combines with Affino’s Groups / eCommunity to form a thoroughly modern Social Learning Solution for both education establishments and companies with significant training requirements. Full-featured eTests generate instant automated results with comprehensive reporting options. There are an additional hundreds of smaller enhancements, including Piclens integration, Shopping Basket management, Google Maps integration and Media-enabled Forums.

“This is the most powerful and dynamic release of Affino yet. The scope of what Affino now covers and the ease and speed of accessing key metrics and instantly affecting wide-ranging changes makes Affino an essential consideration for those who wish to create a successful business online” said Markus Karlsson, CEO of Emojo.

About Emojo

Emojo is the eBusiness Specialist, delivering online business solutions to companies worldwide since 1998. Emojo deploys eBusiness solutions via the market leading - Affino eBusiness Suite. Emojo and Affino combine to empower companies and organisations to take their key business activities online in order to fully engage their customers. Affino solutions are at the heart of the next generation in Social sites, including social networks, media sharing portals and social marketplaces.

Emojo offers end-to-end services from analysing business processes to translating them to online models, implementing solutions, system integration, project management and providing long term support and change management.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 12th September 2008