16.06.04: Digital Media Communications (DMC) is planning, seeding and tracking a new online buzz marketing campaign for quintessentially English menswear label Hope & Glory, released today featuring an irreverent Flash movie conceived by new creative management company Drugstore. It marks the launch of a new positioning strategy developed by Drugstore, and Euro 2004 is the launch pad.

Jo Hopcraft, co-founder of Hope & Glory, said: “We think Drugstore have really captured what this label is about, and we are using DMC’s online viral and buzz marketing expertise to spread the message. Euro 2004 is the perfect way to start because we are an English owned company; the garments are designed in England; and we feel a strong allegiance to the English team out in Portugal. We want them to know that back in the land of Hope & Glory we are all rooting for them.”

In the movie, titled ‘Queenie’, HRH Prince Philip makes the introductions before handing over to Queen Elizabeth. She delivers her message to the nation in a butch male accent more Estuary than Establishment English. She bursts into song with the immortal words “David Beckham’s having a party, bring your vodka and Bacardi”. She then larges it up, dancing deliriously round Buck House together with Prince Phil, boogying corgis and horseguards in bearskin hats and underpants. The movie ends with the line “Welcome to the Land of Hope & Glory” and the company’s new website address.

‘Queenie’ was made in a deliberately anti-slick, anti-glossy, rough-and-ready style. The idea was written by creative team Russell Schaller & Ben Clapp, and produced by Ben Wheatley of online production company Mr and Mrs Wheatley.

Marc Cave, founder of Drugstore who led the project, said: “Hope & Glory has a brand name that speaks volumes. Our campaign idea just gives it a voice…a posh, regal Romford voice.”

The buzz campaign is being seeded as ‘advertainment’ content via DMC’s online influencer network, with the movie available on microsites and as a standalone QuickTime file that can be emailed from user to user. The movie’s end-frame enables viewers to click through to the new Hope & Glory website where visitors from anywhere in the world can buy selected garments in the Hope & Glory range.

“Hope & Glory has embraced the consumer-driven, peer-to-peer benefits of online buzz marketing, teaming up with the online community’s most cutting-edge design exponents to create highly appropriate creative material, and using our online seeding expertise strategically to kickstart buzz and raise awareness,” said DMC’s managing director Justin Kirby. “Our online film-tracking system will also help them to quantify the impact the campaign has on brand awareness.”

You can see the campaign’s film at: http://hopeandgloryclothing.com/landof/

Published on: 12:00AM on 16th June 2004