5 very good reasons to optimise your website

1. More Bang for your Buck.
Optimise your website and each £1 you spend will go much further.

Say it costs you £1 to get 100 visitors and out of those 100 visitors 1% becomes a customer. You get 1 customer for every £1 you spend. Up your conversion rate to 2% by testing and optimising different elements of your site and you get 2 customers for every £1 you spend. You’re getting twice the sales without paying for more visitors!

Optimising your website can make your money go much further and reduces the need to spend money on getting visitors to your site.

2. You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone
Why pay to get more traffic to your site when you can turn your current visitors into buyers or hot leads!

There is no escaping the simple fact that the majority of visitors will leave a website without buying anything or making an enquiry.

It is however vital that we begin to embrace the idea that the solution is not to bring in more visitors before making the most of the ones we already have. Turning more of your existing visitors into customers makes your marketing more efficient and reduces your costs in the long run.

Online giant, Amazon has been doing it since the beginning, and it has been their long term key to success.

3. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!
People want their stuff, and they want it fast. Don’t play hide-and-seek with your products or services.

Show people what they came to see on your website and they’re more likely to spend their money or make an enquiry. As obvious as it sounds, not a lot of websites do it!

A major part of optimising your site is making the site as user friendly as possible whilst not losing track of good design. In order to take advantage of your current visitors, they should be directed, subconsciously or consciously to where they want to go.

Conversion Optimisation tests how well your site achieves this on various different levels by changing different elements and monitoring the effects these changes have.

4. Take a load off.
Make your money work harder instead of you. Spend less time worrying about your marketing spend and more time racking up the sales.

It can’t be denied that optimising your website to generate more sales will give you more time to relax! It will enable you to spend less time fiddling with your Adwords or finding back-links to your website, and more time enjoying the fruits of your labour!

You can use that time however you please; streamlining your workforce, chatting on the phone or even organising your early retirement! The choices are endless

Once you begin optimising your website, you will wonder why you hadn’t started earlier.

5. Never leave money on the table!
You’ve got people through the door, but they just aren’t seeing what they came for.
Those are the people who have money to spend, but because you haven’t caught their eye immediately, they’ve gone elsewhere. Why lose out to someone else and miss out by having a website that doesn’t inspire your visitors to carry on clicking.

Optimising your website will stop you throwing potentially thousands of pounds away on different types of marketing. At the end of the day, the buck stops with your website. If it isn’t up to scratch, no matter how many visitors you get, you won’t get the sales you are after.

Optimising your site will prevent you from wasting valuable money and resources on visitors who aren’t going to buy.

For more information on how to Optimise Your Website please contact NetInsight eBusiness Consultancy (www.net-insight.co.uk)

Published on: 12:00AM on 16th September 2008