Data also reveals importance of enhanced product content for increases in point of sale ROI

New York, NY- WebCollage, a leading content exchange for manufacturers and their business partners, today launched WebCollage Power Product Pages to help deliver better product information at the point of sale, which is proven to increase online sales. With WebCollage’s new Power Product Pages offering, brands can seamlessly provide retailers with complete and optimized product descriptions that can be used on retailers’ product detail pages, improving the consumer experience and increasing users’ exposure to better marketing content. Power Product Pages leverage the WebCollage platform to assemble, package and deliver brand manufacturer product marketing content, including complete product descriptions, videos, tours, product data sheets and additional images right on a retailer’s product detail pages.

The arrival of WebCollage Power Product Pages comes on the heels of the WebCollage’s 2008 Survey of Online Consumer Product Research Habits that revealed 86% of consumers “preferred” or “strongly preferred” Power Product Pages driven by WebCollage when compared to standard retailer product detail pages for getting information on products to purchase. In fact, consumers’ intent to purchase increased from 42% with retailers’ standard product detail pages to 72% with WebCollage-driven Power Product pages. Moreover, 85% of consumers rated Power Product Pages as ‘Very Good’ or ‘Excellent’ versus 54% for retailers’ standard product detail pages.

Historically, retailer online marketing staff and category merchandising teams have had to manually create product detail pages on their own to provide customers with basic product information. This required a significant investment in initial content creation and ongoing maintenance by retailers and has, therefore, limited retailers’ ability to provide the deep information consumers seek when researching products for purchase. Power Product Pages, by leveraging manufacturers’ pre-existing product marketing and configuring it to a retailers’ specific site requirements, eliminate the challenge that brands and retailers face in getting compelling product marketing content in front of consumers.

Moreover, when retailers have leveraged manufacturer marketing content in the past, consumers have had to search and click through multiple links on retailer websites in order to access this essential product information from manufacturers via separate windows. Typically, only 5% - 10% of consumers clicked through to access this enhanced marketing content. WebCollage Power Product Pages ensure that 100% of consumers interested in a given product can be exposed to the full breadth of a brand’s marketing content by embedding all of this content directly onto retailers’ product detail pages – eliminating the need for consumers to click through to get more information.

“WebCollage enables Logitech to get more of our content in front of consumers and sell more effectively on our retailer sites," said Tom Henry, director of marketing communications for Logitech. "Their syndicated service delivers and integrates optimized product information into our retailer websites, which in turn empowers these retailers to give their online shoppers the full benefit of our product knowledge and differentiation in each page of content."

In addition to helping put enhanced product marketing content in front of consumers, WebCollage Power Product Pages enables retailers to boost their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts to increase the volume and quality of traffic directly to their product pages. WebCollage Power Product Pages are also customized to each retailer’s unique product page and site experience ensuring that manufacturer marketing content fits seamlessly into their websites

“WebCollage Power Product Pages provide all essential product information in a single screen for consumers and eliminate the hassles of excess clicks. We are proud to be able to execute on our vision and bring compelling brand content to the forefront of the consumer experience,” said Jed Alpert, VP of WebCollage. “By doing so, we help brands and their partners be successful in driving increased revenue. This is a classic example of a ‘win win’ situation that has a very positive ripple effect on the entire e-commerce ecosystem, including brands, retailers and consumers.”

For a demo of Inline Product Content, please visit WebCollage at booth 120 at on September 15-17, 2008 or call 1-800-616-1136.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 16th September 2008