New Approach to CMS-Based Web Design is Geared to Future-Proof Design Investments and Grow in Line with New Functional Site Developments

London, 19th September 2008

Squiz today formally announced the death of web design as we know it, and introduced a new design methodology that's geared towards site flexibility, scalability and future innovation. The new offering, 'Mashable Design,' is different to a standard web design process in that it avoids flat file wireframes and page tempates in favour of a more modular and 'product-based' approach to site design.

Mashable Design avoids the mistakes of a flat file two dimensional approach to web design by factoring a customer's technical and functional growth requirements into the initial creative phase. As a result, it delivers a range of iterative design prototypes and 'building block' objects that are built around the core branding assets and interactive objects that will fuel the growth and success of a company's online business strategy.

"In practise, we've always found that a static home page and subpage template approach to web design is destined to break - sometimes as early as the build phase of a new site," said Justin Cormack, Squiz's Head of Strategy and Technology. "Flat file designs can never be extensible enough for any large, truly dynamic, CMS-based web site. Our Mashable Design process flips the creative track on its head by taking a content-based and functionality-led approach to designing the guts of a web site."

"By working this way we're able to view web site design as a technical product design process, rather than an exercise in 'package' or 'brochureware' design," said Cormack. "In practise this means we bring a multi-disciplined team - led by a technical project manager - to address a customer's design challenges. We work this way because we understand that you simply cannot separate creative design and branding from a site's core functional specification."

Squiz's new Mashable Design process ensures that a company's visual identity is underpinned by a solid technical plan that's extensible enough to grow in line future online business requirements. In short, Mashable Design treats a web page as a customisable and fluid - but visually consistent - 'canvas' that can be served by the widest possible variety of content - both now and in the future.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 19th September 2008