Squiz, developers of leading enterprise-class open source CMS MySource Matrix, today announced the general availability of its Open Source Social Networking Platform Module. Built on the core Matrix platform used by some of the world’s biggest brands and organisations - including Boots, Oxford University, and the Australian Federal Govt - the Platform provides a fast start path to creating and running a social networking community by bolting on to (or inside!) an existing Matrix installation, or operating as a standalone implementation alongside a non-Matrix infrastructure.

For further information about the product, see: http://www.squiz.co.uk/mysource_matrix/Open_Source_Social_Networking_Platform_Software

As an open source product, the MySource Matrix Open Source Social Networking Platform gives organisations complete freedom to unleash the power of social networking for any social networking application they need. Publishers, retailers, information hungry service companies, charities, schools, colleges, and universities.... just about anyone can use the Matrix Social Networking Platform to liberate the power of their people.

The product integrates all the best bits of core Matrix module functionality - tagging, related listings, RSS feeds, asset management, user profiles, search, front-end editing, and more - to deliver an out-of-the-box social networking environment that's ready for community action in minutes. And, because it's built on the Matrix backbone, it's ready to scale to thousands of users overnight. It can inherit all of the most valuable assets from a sister Matrix system: design templates from a public web site; user profiles from an intranet or subscriber zone; and content assets like video, presentations, pdf's and more.

“We’re stoked about the release of our Open Source Social Networking Platform because it means all Matrix users can go from zero to social networking hero in an instant,” said Steve Morgan, MD at Squiz UK. “The development team has worked night and day over the past months to get this just right: the product works 100% off Matrix’s core base so it’ll slot in seamlessly to existing Matrix implementations, allowing customers to repurpose all of their precious assets immediately in a socially-networked environment!”

“And non-Matrix users can benefit hugely too. Unlike a hosted service, they’ll get to own their social networking infrastructure fully, at zero cost. They’ll take all the SEO and Google-goodness from the system for their own domain and they’ll be able to develop it as they please. And, of course, they’ll also be able to call us if they need any help in putting it together or running it.”

MySource Matrix Open Source Social Networking Platform - Functional Highlights

* Profile Management: On their profile pages, users can store a range of information about themselves, and upload files and images and tag themselves with keywords.

* Platform Feeds: The latest activity within the community is presented to the user interface via updates for related projects/events/discussions; newest projects/users/events/discussions; and users can also subscribe to RSS feeds for separate discussions and blogs.

* Content Tagging and Search: All content types can be tagged - including communities, documents, user profiles, events, and discussions. Tags can be used for presentation of navigation elements. They are are displayed alongside content items, are searchable and are also displayed as tag clouds in appropriate areas.

* Users, Linking and Searching: Users can find other people with common profiles by skill, interest, location and more. They can also find communities/projects which match their skills and interests. In addition, users can invite one or many contacts using a simple interface, allowing the community to scale easily. Where projects already exist within the Platform, users can choose to connect themselves to that project at the click of a button.

* Projects: Small sub-communities (called projects) can be set up by users, enabling new knowledge/workstreams to spread easily from the central Platform. These projects can be tagged as per above, and have events, documents and members associated with them.

* Events: Users can create and manage events calendars, using standard Matrix Event Calendar functionality.

* Geo-Tagging: An out-of-the-box interface with Google Maps allows users to locate other users on a simple map. The presentation of Geo-Tagged search results can also be customised in line with required branding.

Open Source Social Networking Platform Launch Event

Open Source Social Networking Platform Launch Event, London, November 6th Squiz is also hosting an exclusive launch event for the new product in London on November 6th. Registration is fee. Interested parties can find out more via: http://www.squiz.co.uk/resources/seminars/seminars/november_2008/seminar_on_open_source_social_networking_platform
Why MySource Matrix for Open Source Social Networking?
Customers already running Matrix for a web or intranet implementation, are given the fastest possible route to market for a social networking platform. Because it's integrated with the base Matrix platform, the Open Source Social Networking Platform simply snaps in and is ready to use all existing system assets immediately - content, users, design customisations. This means zero opportunity risk to scaling the platform : all users and content can be switched on at source, rather than built over time.

For non-Matrix users, the Open Source Social Networking Platform also provides a compelling solution for building a user community. Unlike other hosted services, it enables companies to retain control of their networking property on their own domain and on their own commercial terms. For example, the SEO benefits of a running a social networking platform are retained in-house, rather than being passed on to a third party site or domain. Being open source and owned, companies are also free to develop and port the system assets as they please, giving them all the flexibility you need to grow and scale their social networking efforts over time.

For further information about the product, see: http://www.squiz.co.uk/mysource_matrix/Open_Source_Social_Networking_Platform_Software

About Squiz, Open Source CMS Developer
Squiz is one of the world's leading open source software development companies. We give you control in a content-driven world.

Our open source CMS, MySource Matrix, helps leading organisations such as The Australian Federal Government and Informa to manage their content more efficiently and cost-effectively. It also helps top brands such as Boots and Homesite to sell more content and products to more customers via the web.

Squiz is a privately owned company, founded in Sydney Australia in 1998.

For further information, see: http://www.squiz.co.uk

Published on: 12:00AM on 10th October 2008