Frederick Warne has announced the exciting relaunch of, the new interactive home for Eric Hill’s creation and well-loved children’s character, Spot. The publisher briefed digital agency, Complete Control, to redesign the website incorporating the key brand values of Spot together with the newest developments in digital technology.

Complete Control said: ‘It was the reaction of Eric Hill’s young son, to lifting a flap and finding a funny picture underneath, that inspired the world's first ever lift-the-flap book. Almost 30 years later it is both timely and logical that this experience should be translated online for a new generation of pre-school children. Now the flaps are digital, but the original aim of encouraging very young children to start reading remains intact. We wanted the site to expand the child’s experience into a digital world without losing the warmth and simplicity of the books.’ is designed for pre-school children, their parents or carers and teachers. It incorporates a special children’s play area with simple games, video clips and other activities in an interface children will be familiar with from the Spot books. Alongside this there is a wealth of information for grown-ups, including educational resources, Spot history, an Eric Hill biography together with the all of the information one would need to buy Spot products online.

Online Marketing Editor Joanna Galvin said: ‘Eric Hill’s iconic illustrations and the simple premise of the books lent themselves perfectly to web development. We were keen that the website should engage both parents and children, providing an extension to the reading experience that would be shared together. The site has a strong educational slant, with games that were designed to develop a child’s early hand to eye coordination, basic counting and memory skills.’ is the official Spot website and will be translated into Dutch, Chinese and will be available in US and Australian versions.

Spot is published in 60 languages in over 100 countries around the world. 5 million Spot books have been sold worldwide since the publication of Where’s Spot? in 1980.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 10th October 2008