- Speed-Trap provides hitherto unseen full insight into ghd online customer base through live interaction data, enabling pro-active and pre-emptive website edits -

13 October 2008: ghd, the leading brand in heat-styling, has selected customer insight software from Speed-Trap to optimise its global website’s performance, both in terms of maximising advertising campaigns and improving conversion rates. Using active, live data on customer interactions from Speed-Trap, ghd will be able to increase marketing appeal through a better understanding of how the website is used and perceived.

ghd is a Yorkshire based, British-owned company, established seven years ago and currently holds multiple celebrity endorsements, such as from Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Spencer Hudson, ghd’s Technical Manager, comments, “Having previously used web analytics packages, we realised that the best insight into our customers’ behaviour could only come through a higher understanding of the raw data. A closer relationship with the detail of how our customers use our site means a closer relationship with the customers themselves. This sort of intricate appreciation of their interactions with the site simply was not possible through web analytics. Speed-Trap allows us to see the detail of how individuals discovered and used the site and what, if anything, prevented them from making the transition from being visitors to buying customers.”

Hudson continues, “Understanding how our customers operate allows us to derive maximum business value from the site – we can assess how online advertising is perceived, what effect it has and also what barriers there may to be to completing purchases online. By detecting these barriers – which are not immediately obvious through using web analytics packages – we are able to remedy them and increase our conversion rates and purchase page reliability.”

Speed-Trap is a Web 2.0 application which sits within each web-page deployed. It is automatic to deploy and captures complete customer experience and behavioural data on a real-time basis.

Hudson explains, “One of the principle selling points for Speed-Trap was its ease of implementation – we were able to install 80% of the whole system within one hour and have the process live in 30 minutes. The simplicity of the software – literally two lines of code per page – allows us to start gathering valuable real-time customer data almost immediately and start adapting and improving the site within a week. This is in comparison to the seemingly never-ending and particularly inaccurate process of tagging that can take months, or more, to complete.”

“We often found that using web analytics meant that the actual customer data was hidden underneath the graphs and results we were presented with,” Hudson concludes, “We had little or no access to the raw information. With Speed-Trap, we can see specific customers’ activity on the site down to the tiniest detail. We can then use this data to investigate our own parameters and draw our own conclusions, rather than being dictated to. With this level of insight and flexibility in how we can use it, we can maximise our online sales channel and generate extra revenue through it.”


About Speed-Trap
Speed-Trap is a provider of software that uses Web 2.0 technology to capture and deliver complete, real-time data on every individual on-line customer and prospect, based upon detailed analysis of their current and historic on-line behaviour and experience – complete on-line customer insight.

Software solutions built using Speed-Trap are being used by businesses to drive, monitor and measure on-line marketing activity, business processes and real-time content management systems.

These include applications such as campaign management, customer segmentation, customer experience monitoring and online performance measurement. Other customers are using the technology to monitor key business metrics, to provide operational insight crucial for website design and development and for online fraud prevention.

Based in the UK, Speed-Trap’s customers include Alliance & Leicester, directgov, Betfair, Paddy Power, PC World Business, moneysupermarket & travelsupermarket, Hoseasons and WH Smith. Speed-Trap’s partners include the SAS Institute, Arcade e-Business, Detica and Intelligent Environments and it is represented internationally in Benelux, Scandinavia, Germany, South Africa and Ireland.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 13th October 2008