Screen Pages, the e-commerce services company, has released Screen Commerce Dashboard, a highly interactive and visual Web 2.0 front-end tool for editing e-commerce website product data and content directly from the website.

Traditionally, e-commerce websites content is edited through – often cumbersome - back-end management systems and consoles or via automated integration from back office systems which are often limited in (rich) content.

Now, online marketers can browse their e-commerce website and make changes to copy, images and data from the website itself from the same browser window. Content can include text, images, video and other rich media as well as full HTML.

The Dashboard gives control over all product and shopping category information such as descriptions and attributes, images, pricing and stock, cross-sells. Navigation, product categorisation and list order can be changed via drag-and-drop.

Other Dashboard capabilities include control over URLs for marketing or search engine optimisation, easy-to-use data extract screens and reporting tools.

The Dashboard is designed to run in the same browser as the website and appears as interactive AJAX overlays to the website. It analyses underlying page structure and combines this with product and content data accessible in the site’s XML data schemas.

Screen Commerce Dashboard to Screen Pages’ clients from October 2008.

Further information:

T: 01932 359160

Published on: 12:00AM on 15th October 2008