Online PR agency Content and Motion today announced it’s nearly out of Beta mode and into whatever comes after Beta but involves staying one step ahead of the pack and helping companies to connect more quickly and cost-effectively with their audiences via the web.

The agency, which delivers Online PR results via a healthy mix of Content Optimization and SEO skills delivers three essential benefits to its clients:

1. It generates real Online PR buzz when and where its needed most… (Imagine a blog- and Twitter-torrent and Google stardom at the moment you’re pitching the big deal)

2. It gets important people to do the things you really want them to do… (It drives people to crucial events, encourages them to put their hands up, declare love for you & even buy stuff)

3. It radically improves a company’s PageRank using smart Content Optimization and SEO techniques… (It’s a virtuous circle: everything it does is designed to impact your Google standing in a very positive way)

For further information about what C&M, the Online PR Agency does, see:

C&M’s range of Online PR and Content Optimization services are built on the premise that good web marketing and good SEO = great content and vice-versa …and the fact that traditional PR agencies don’t really do Online PR, and a digital agencies usually avoid good old fashioned PR deliverables like content. The best marketing solutions are now a marriage of PR and web. And C&M is your host…

C&M helps companies to rewire some of their basic marketing approaches so that their awareness and conversion tactics become a lot simpler and more cost-effective …and it’s committed to getting results for its clients FAST!

Said C&M founder, Roger Warner: “Four weeks after we launched, I think it’s safe to say we’re out of Beta mode and into the next big thing. We’re obsessed with web marketing, so I doubt we’ll ever really stand still – being Beta is always better in our book. That said, the team’s in place, the service offerings are tight, and we’re already generating some great results for clients – so bring it on!”

About Content & Motion

C&M is an Online PR agency that excels at Content Creation, Content Optimisation, and SEO. We use a variety of groovy web marketing techniques to help you win new friends and influence people. The company was founded in mid-2008 by Roger Warner – web marketing junkie, ex-director of PR at IBM Europe, and personality type D.

The company works on the partnership model of all great consultancies, meaning that ownership is shared, staff are obsessive, brains and egos are large, and attention spans are notoriously focused. Fortunately this is good news for our clients, who tend to benefit from consolidated bouts of outrageously good service and smart thinking and execution.

For further information about what C&M, the Online PR Agency does, see:

Published on: 12:00AM on 21st October 2008