Specialist games service company Babel has strengthened its creative relationship with major games publisher Atari by producing a DVD and new trailer C'mon and try that showcases the forthcoming AAA title DRIV3R.

The DVD will be an integral part of Atari's marketing campaign for DRIV3R and features a Ridley Scott short film Run The Gauntlet that is based on the DRIV3R game. Other features included Hollywood star Michael Madsen's narration of the making of the game. Babel also translated and subtitled the DVD into French, Italian, German and Spanish.

"Our unrivalled games experience means we understand how to adapt a title's creative assets into targeted online and offline marketing. Whether it's trailers, TV commercials, websites, print or online marketing, publishers know we can take their games to parts other companies cannot reach," said Algy Williams, Managing Director of Babel Media.

Babel now has offices in Brighton, New Delhi and San Diego. The company employs 140 people worldwide.

For more information, contact Paul Munford on + 44 1273 764108 or paul.munford@babelmedia.com

Notes to Editors

Babel is the industry leader in specialist outsourced services for the games and interactive entertainment industry. The company has offices in Brighton, New Delhi and San Diego providing comprehensive games-focused localisation, QA, certification, audio, print and creative services.

Clients include Microsoft, Nintendo, Atari, Vodafone, Activision, Sony, THQ, Disney, iFone, THQ Wireless, Orange, Motorola, Digital Bridges, Eidos, Bandai, Taito, Capcom and Gameloft, Codemasters, SEGA and Acclaim.

Published on: 12:00AM on 23rd June 2004