Bauer Media today announced the company has signed an agreement with Maxifier, part of the Magenta Corporation Ltd, to further improve the effectiveness of its online offering and advertising campaigns. Maxifier will be implemented across all Bauer Media digital networks, including online magazine, radio and television sites such as and

Bauer Media’s digital campaigns will now be monitored in real time, with results and information collated into one central portal. The Maxifier technology allows Bauer Media to optimise advertising campaigns by highlighting websites and areas within sites of greatest success. The information is then used and manipulated for Bauer Media to deliver even more poignant advertising campaigns.

Maxifier is ad server independent and works in real time, using rapid analysis to make forecasts and recommendations to maximise the performance of advertising campaigns. The technology will place adverts to optimise click-through rates, revenue and on-time delivery, based on live and historical data. This optimisation will take place across the entire Bauer Media digital network and will work to quickly identify the best performing website sections within a campaign and up-weight delivery to those areas accordingly.

Bauer Media’s Digital Campaign Management team anticipate the introduction of Maxifier will help them better predict how the network of Bauer Media online campaigns and web pages will interact with one another in real time and what the resulting performances will be. During August, Bauer ran a trial using the system and there was a significant uplift in click through rate across the network.

Lisa Mundy, Head of Digital Operations, Bauer Media says: “We are delighted to be the UK’s first Media Group to introduce the Maxifier technology. The campaign optimisation will help maximize the effectiveness of our campaigns as it allows us to have full and immediate visibility of our entire network. The Maxifier tool allows us to identify the best possible performance for our advertisers. It really is a great way to utilise and manipulate our digital offerings to their maximum capacity.”

David Brebner, Executive Vice President of Magenta says: “In managing large web sites and digital offerings with multiple advertising campaigns competing for attention, media owners are faced with a highly complex and dynamic situation. Every judgement call involves multiple trade-offs and permutations, which influences performance and revenue. Maxifier will enable Bauer Media to predict how their complex network of campaigns and web pages will and can interact with one another in real time and what the resulting performances will be.”

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About Maxifier
Maxifier is the innovative new solution for publishers and ad networks who want to optimize the revenue from their online advertising inventory. It’s the next level of optimization – it’s ad server independent, works in real time and uses rapid analysis to make forecasts and recommendations that will maximize the performance of campaigns and traffickers. Maxifier integrates the best of human experience with the power of software that can consider all the possible permutations and deliver optimization – instantly. Maxifier is optimization evolved. Maxifier is a division of Magenta Corporation Ltd.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 21st October 2008