A number of e-commerce and internet related firms have toyed with the idea of hiring an inhouse or internal recruiter to manage their hiring activities, but is the answer?

1) Internal Recruiters on the whole don't headhunt. Because of the high volume of "resume flow", internal recruiters don't target candidates and headhunt. They limit their hires to the those people who approach them either directly or through external agencies. Corporate recruiting has become a highly CV-shuffling, reactive process.

2) Poor customer service. Due to the enormous amount of resumes and candidates they have to plough through, Internal Recruiters often do not have the time to provide quality and detailed feedback (good or bad) to the candidates. This often results in candidates feeling dissatisfied by the company they have applied to.

3) They rely too much on adverts. The best candidates are approached by headhunters and then offered to employers. Internal recruiters need to rely less on advertising so they can devote more time to proactive, personal contact with people who can introduce them to top performers. The huge and mainly irrelevant response from adverts means you could be paying someone a portion of money just to process unwanted candidates.

4) Good agency recruiters seldom work with Internal Recruiters. On occasions when Internal Recruiters use external recruitment agencies for extra CVs, the best recruiters seldom work with Internal Recruiters. Why would they when they have no control over the client or the process and when they can have direct contact with their own clients? As a result, the CV flow may be high and poor quality and in the main will be from non-headhunted candidates.

5) They spend too much time sorting resumes. The typical explanation for why Internal Recruiters have no time to recruit actively is that they have too many resumes to process.

6) Limited Skillset. If you are working with one or maybe two internal recruiters, then you may be limited in terms of their coverage. For example, when you work with a search firm, you can be provided with multilingual, European coverage and more individuals who can service your needs.

We find the internal / external recruiter relationship can be fruitful and successful when the internal retain an external supplier. Also, when all parties have the same agenda and communicate fully.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 3rd November 2008