- Chip and PIN rollout programme undergoes extensive testing via EMV test tools from Aconite -

One of Ireland’s leading financial organisations, Ulster Bank, is successfully testing its Chip and PIN roll out programme for its debit card customer base utilising a portfolio of EMV test tools from leading smart card software solutions provider, Aconite.

Ulster Bank, a member of the RBS Group, has deployed Aconite’s dynamic EMV test tool - EMV Facilitator – a comprehensive tool suite for EMV testing and operations support. The rigorous testing process in key development and certification areas will ensure that Ulster Bank will be confident that its cards meet EMV specifications well in advance of the January 2005 mandate and that customer card adoption will be smooth.

Denys Whitley, at Ulster Bank, stated: "Ulster Bank is now well advanced in its planning for EMV rollout and compliance. We consider testing one of the most crucial steps in our EMV migration. It is essential we are 100% confident our customers will be able to use their smart cards without any difficulties which is why we chose Aconite for its innovative technology and its solid experience and reputation for excellence within the smart card arena".

Jan Dart, director of solutions at Aconite, commented: "Ulster Bank is facing the challenges that EMV migration is presenting to all issuers and acquirers. Not only is it confronted with the complexities surrounding cards, devices, systems, networks and security but also the vital testing and compliance that is an essential prerequisite to any effective roll out. To be confident of successful smart card deployment, financial institutions should take Ulster Bank’s lead and invest in a complete testing solution. This will ensure that testing is not left up to customers!"

Aconite is a business IT consultancy and software solutions providerwith specialist expertise in Smart Card systems, EMV and Enterprise Security. Aconite’s core activities are providing technology solutions in the fields of smart card payments and secure communications for the banking and retail sectors, supported by strategic, business and technical consulting and programme/project management services.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 29th June 2004