Search marketers and traditional marketers alike can harness online consumer insights drawn from analyzing the words that people type when they search. That’s the message in a creative workshop from keyword research specialists Wordtracker, to be held in London later this month.

Keyword Creativity ( is aimed at search marketers, web-based creatives, copywriters, agency strategists both above-the-line and digitally focused, and in-house brand marketers with responsibility for integrated communications.

Keyword research is a rich source of marketing ideas – ideas that can be unleashed through the interaction of search and traditional marketers working in tandem. According to Neil Davidson of Wordtracker, “All too often companies silo their online marketing and ask search marketers to work in isolation. This workshop shows how their skills and insights can be integrated into powerful online marketing campaigns.”

Key elements of the course cover; how to tap into your audiences' needs and motivations, using digitally-based keyword data. Techniques for generating online consumer insights and developing them into creative ideas will be explored, as well as how to integrate campaigns, from above-the-line to digital, to maximise brand and sales effectiveness. New techniques will be demonstrated for generating web content that maximizes your ROI and profits.

This course will also include how to:
Use keyword research to win more pitches
Use keywords in public relations and offline advertising
Generate creative ideas and solutions
Understand what consumers are really looking for
Generate fresh ideas for compelling web content
Gain a competitive edge in the marketplace
Save time and money by taking the guesswork out of advertising
Develop effective new product and publication names
Create dynamic marketing strategies based on actual consumer need
Deliver a higher calibre of service and quality to your clients

This practical workshop is run by Neil Davidson, a veteran advertising and marketing strategist, and Ken McGaffin, Chief Marketing Officer of on Wednesday November 26th in London.

“Keywords are ignored because most creative and marketing professionals don’t recognize their value and that’s not surprising because the internet has only recently become a powerful business channel. In this course, we’ll show people how to gain market understanding through keyword research and how to use that to produce outstanding creative work.” Said Davidson.

“Keywords are tremendous resources of ideas and give incredible customer insight. Getting the most out of SEO techniques means you can get creative with keywords and ultimately develop strong content for your audience.” Said McGaffin

“We’ve been quietly testing and refining our courses over the last 12 months, and the feed back from our clients has been tremendous, it was an obvious add-on that increases our clients knowledge and therefore maximizes their profits.” Said McGaffin.

Each course is kept deliberately small and is led by experts in each field. This course will have a maximum of twenty people.

“In our research we found that our clients responded better to smaller, intimate groups, in their ability to absorb information, having more time to explore and ask questions as well as interaction with the rest of the group.” Continued McGaffin.

For further information on Wordtracker and their services please contact:
Karen Durham-Diggins at kddPR
T; +44 (0) 20 8989 2541
M: +44 (0) 7808 584 624

Editors Notes:
26th November:
Keyword Creativity, an Insightful Workshop for Marketing and Creative Professionals
One day course
Cost: £560 including lunch plus vat
Held at: ETC Venues, 51-53 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8HN

About Wordtracker:
Wordtracker ( is a privately owned London business that started in 1997 and provides keyword research services to search engine marketing professionals and website owners worldwide

To succeed online clients need to know what keywords their potential customers are using on search engines. Wordtracker provides thousands of clients throughout the world with that specialist information.

The Wordtracker Academy ( is dedicated to helping businesses achieve success and profitability online. It publishes expert articles, case studies, e-books, and tips and tricks that help web site owners maximize their internet marketing's ROI. Wordtracker runs a comprehensive range of training courses to enable companies to gain expert knowledge and increase their profits.

Clients include,,,,, and a host of other search engine optimization companies.

Neil Davidson is an independent consultant and Strategic Director of an integrated communications agency, theFarm. He previously worked at Board level for three of the UK’s top ten advertising agencies, including Rainey Kelly Campbell Rolfe/Y&R and was Managing Partner of WWAV Rapp Collins.

Ken McGaffin is Chief Marketing Officer,, where he is responsible for the company's online marketing worldwide. He has worked in online marketing and research since 1996 and has extensive experience in online public relations and link building. Ken has a particular interest in quality content as a marketing tool. A popular speaker at both industry conferences and seminars as well as at marketing events for various industry sectors in the UK and USA, he’s also a regular contributor to various publications and business radio, including 'Keyword Rich' on Technology for Business Sake on Business Radio 1160AM WCFO Atlanta and Yahoo’s Power Hour.

Published on: 12:00AM on 6th November 2008