UK's leading recruitment site achieves 99% email deliverability rate with StrongMail's in-house solutions for marketing and transactional email

London, UK – November 10, 2008: StrongMail Systems today announced that, the UK’s leading specialist recruitment and HR services provider, has increased its email delivery rates to 99% by leveraging StrongMail's in-house platform for marketing and transactional email. The company has also benefited from greater insight into, and faster resolution of, email delivery problems and has improved its ability to maintain clean mailing lists and monitor its email ‘credit score’ to avoid ISP blacklisting. By implementing StrongMail's Email Marketing Server along with the Transactional Module and StrongDelivery tools package, Reed has also saved a half-day each week in email-related administration.

Mark Ridley, director of technology at comments: “These results are critical to Reed’s ongoing operational success, as we use email as the primary mode of communication with our enormous database of jobseekers. This includes notification of potential job opportunities, interview confirmations, site registration emails and password reminders. StrongMail’s solution helps ensure that these vital communications reach the inboxes of their intended recipients, rather than being relegated to junk folders or intercepted by spam filters.”

Prior to installing StrongMail’s solution, it was difficult for Reed to measure and determine email deliverability levels, including the effectiveness of the 300,000 transactional communications that it sends each day. The company’s IT team had to monitor folders and process bounced messages manually – which was an extremely time-consuming process. Now the IT team can simply log into StrongMail’s web interface, view a dashboard that shows deliverability levels, and correct potential problem areas.

In addition, StrongMail’s Live Update feature ensures that Reed’s outgoing emails meet the ISPs’ changing email delivery requirements. Companies such as Hotmail, Yahoo, and Google each have their own spam-filtering rules, and StrongMail builds these rules into its sending technology to significantly increase the chances that emails will arrive in the customer’s inbox.

Mark Ridley concludes: “From my point of view, StrongMail is without question one of the best purchases I've made for Reed in years. The product is superbly engineered, and the implementation and set-up are fantastic. I've bought, used, implemented and even helped write similar applications in the past, and it's a rare pleasure to come across something that is clearly so well considered and has an immediate ability to benefit our business.”


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Published on: 12:00AM on 11th November 2008