Analytics company, Lynchpin, has secured a prestigious contract with HMV to enable the retailer to track how online shoppers buy its products. The project is part of HMV's ongoing strategy to understand how customers engage with the brand's online retail presence.

Working closely with HMV’s marketing and web content teams, the one-year contract will see Lynchpin invest its expertise into accurately monitoring and interpreting information about how HMV's web purchases are made.

Justin Moodie, head of online for HMV, comments: “We want to better understand how our customers engage with us online, but not when on our site. Lynchpin’s tools and insight help make sense of an otherwise extremely complicated picture.”

Using its advanced analytics technology, Lynchpin will introduce systems to enable HMV to track customer journeys across all online marketing mediums right through to the point of sale. This process will be tracked over a certain period, even over a number of days, to identify the customer's steps in the buying procedure.

Andrew Hood, managing director of Lynchpin, explains: "Consumers look for products far and wide online. They are active on search engines, sites with banners ads and price comparison sites. With so many things going on, the problem lies with accurately assessing how customers found and bought the final product."

Lynchpin is delighted to embark on its first project with HMV, a move strengthening its position as a leading analytics company. The contract will also consolidate the company's standing as a major provider of business consultancy and online strategy for top UK businesses such as HSBC, Marks & Spencer Money and Airtours.


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Web analytics is internet forensics. Lynchpin Analytics finds out how users find websites and where the profits are. Lynchpin turns raw web data into competitive advantage for top UK businesses like HSBC, Vodafone and Cadburys.

Four years ago, internet analytics barely existed as an industry. Today its reputation is in tatters. Millions have been invested world wide by large corporations in analytics software that is not giving business the answers it promised.

Lynchpin is pioneering a new approach to analytics. By offering robust online business strategy as well as analytic software, Lynchpin unlocks the potential of existing software or creates a custom solution.

Interpreted by specialists, analytics is a powerful business planning tool. An analytics strategy identifies the market, how best to target it and measures the results. An online strategy cannot be created without data. Analytics provides that data.

Lynchpin consultants understand analytics and combine that with a strong background in marketing and business. Lynchpin understands the technical issues and barriers facing companies and can work with them to help overcome them.

Published on: 12:00AM on 13th November 2008