Discovering why people abandon websites is the key to discovering how to increase the number of people who become customers—a website’s conversion rate.

Conversion Rate Experts have released a report to the public listing the fourteen free tools they use with their consultancy service clients, which reveal why their websites get abandoned and what needs to be changed.

Without these tools—which get answers straight from the visitor—website owners often base their improvements on guesswork, hunches, the competition, or just the ideas of the loudest voice in the room. This method leads to incorrect assumptions that, at best, waste time, effort and money, and, at worst, actually create drops in conversion rate.

These fourteen free tools let website owners:

1. Record detailed statistics of what’s really happening
2. See exactly where people click (even when there isn’t a link)
3. Record actual visitors’ screens and cursors as they browse
4. Start live message chat to get instant feedback
5. Create, send and record detailed feedback surveys
6. Use quick pop-up surveys for instant answers
7. Discover how to conduct effective usability tests
8. Discover how to get useful feedback from offline sources
9. Eavesdrop on how customers describe products to their friends
10. Allow their visitors to send instant feedback from any webpage
11. See exactly what information visitors are hoping to find
12. Discover what is being said about their website on blogs and forums
13. Test different versions of a webpage to see which is best

Conversion Rate Experts are Europe’s only certified Google Website Optimizer Consultants. To discover the fourteen free tools they both use and recommend, you can read their report at

Published on: 12:00AM on 17th November 2008