MEHDIWARD, software developers and systems integrators, have released Postcode Server Web Edition (WE) a solution to allow e-commerce and database users to validate UK postal addresses against the Royal Mail PAF file.

Postcode Server WE is compatible with SQL Server, MySQL and most SQL and ODBC compatible databases. It can be integrated with most e-commerce, Web and business applications.

It allows Web site visitors and database users to enter a postcode and business name or property number or property name and return the full address based on the latest Royal Mail PAF file of more than 22 million addresses.

Addresses can be entered more quickly and efficiently using up to 80% fewer keystrokes. Postcode Server WE can be used for user registration, order processing, contact management, or any other application where address data quality is critical. Accurate address information and spelling means fewer costs in correcting addresses, reductions in the levels of returned goods and less cost wastage.

Postcode Server WE can seamlessly integrate address lookup into any Web site and make it easier for new customers to enter their full address quickly, giving them a better shopping experience. Postcode Server WE makes on-line shopping quicker and more efficient, and gives e-commerce stores a significant competitive advantage over competitors’ stores with manual address entry. Postcode Server WE can be implemented with Actinic, osCommerce, CRE Loaded, Zen Cart, Magento and most other e-commerce applications. It is also suitable for most Web site applications which require visitors to enter their address details.

Postcode Server WE means orders for goods or services arrive on time and at the right location. Credit card fraud can be reduced and a company’s professionalism improved.

“When address data is captured manually errors are inevitable. Postcode Server WE makes sure all addresses are accurate and Royal Mail verified” said Rob Wylie, MEHDIWARD’s Sales Manager. “Accurate addresses make sure customer orders go to the correct address. This avoids damaged customer perception and ensures costs and time are not wasted putting problems right.”

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Published on: 12:00AM on 18th November 2008