New York, NY November 24, 2008 -- WebCollage, a leading content exchange for manufacturers and their business partners, announced today it has partnered with GeekSpeak(imc)a full-service marketing communications company based in Toronto, Canada, to enhance the WebCollage solution with a localized content service offering in Canada and international markets from GeekSpeak(imc).

WebCollage's syndication platform creates a pipeline between a manufacturer's websites and their retailers' websites enabling manufacturers to seamlessly integrate a manufacturer's complete set of marketing content including product demos, features and benefits, 360 degree views, image galleries, specifications and more directly into the retailers' websites. Using WebCollage, manufacturers' marketing content for a few or thousands of products can be dynamically integrated and automatically kept up-to-date on retail websites.

GeekSpeak(imc)'s extensive translation and localization expertise ensures brand consistency across linguistic and cultural barriers. The combination of the WebCollage and GeekSpeak(imc) yields a world-class, worldwide e-commerce solution that fully meets the needs of manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike, streamlining all aspects of the international shopping experience.

WebCollage has partnered with GeekSpeak(imc) to provide translation, localization and copywriting services for its manufacturers to meet their need for localized content that enriches the online shopping experience internationally and will result in enhanced e-commerce offerings for manufacturers and retailers in foreign markets.

"The lack of localized content is a significant barrier to online sales in international markets," says Isaac Wanzama, GeekSpeak(imc) Founder and General Manager. "Consumers want product information in their own language. They want to know what products are available, where they are located and how soon they can get them. If consumers have to translate, adapt and interpret information on their own, they'll simply go elsewhere where they can get a localized experience."

"Working with GeekSpeak(imc) enables us to provide translation and localization for manufacturers that have not yet internationalized their Web marketing," said Jed Alpert, Vice President of Marketing at WebCollage. "This partnership will allow our brand manufacturers to extend their reach into foreign markets and help them meet a vital prerequisite to doing business in Canada and in European markets."

About GeekSpeak(imc)
Founded in 2004, GeekSpeak(imc)-Intelligent Marketing Communication-is a full-service provider of end-to-end marketing services based in Toronto, Canada and offering an ever-widening mix of traditional, online and new media services. Employing a handpicked team of expert marketers, copywriters, translators and designers, we engage your audience and communicate the passion of your brand locally and worldwide. For more information about GeekSpeak(imc), please visit or call at 1.416.619.5349

About WebCollage
From search to buy, WebCollage helps brand marketers engage consumers across the Web. WebCollage's syndication platform optimizes marketing content and provides consumers with a consistent, engaging online brand experience that increases sales and establishes brand continuity. WebCollage works with a wide range of customers, from Fortune 1000 companies to smaller brands worldwide, to extend the power of their brands online. Founded in 2000, WebCollage is a privately-held company headquartered in New York, NY and backed by Sierra Ventures, Cedar Fund, Greylock Partners, GSI Commerce, Inc., and Gilde IT Fund. For more information, please or call 1.212.563.2112

Published on: 12:00AM on 24th November 2008