New Release Integrates Company’s Product Lines into Single Service for First Time

Tuesday 25 November 2008 – NEOVIA Financial Plc (LSE: NEO), the independent global online payments business, has deployed a major upgrade to its leading payment suite. This new release is an important strategic milestone for the company as it offers all its merchant payment capabilities through a single offering for the first time.

Highlights include:
* Expanded global reach: Additional local payment types, languages, counties, and 13 new currencies allow merchants to expand their revenue opportunities out of the box.
* Simpler to implement: A single integration point for merchants to make it quicker and simpler for new merchants to deploy the payment service.
* Easier to own: An all new Web payment channel for merchants, using new Unified-PayPage™ technology, allows additional payment types to be activated on merchant checkout pages in seconds via a mouse click rather than code.

NEOVIA Financial Plc recently changed its corporate identity from NETELLER Plc to better reflect the strength and breadth of these individual product brands. The NEOVIA Payment Suite includes the NETBANX® international payments gateway, the NETELLER® e-wallet, and Net+™ cards. NETBANX permits merchants to accept card and non-card payments through multiple channels including online, contact centres, mail order and via automated phone systems. The NETELLER e-wallet enables consumers to spend securely online as well as increasing customer lifetime value for merchants, while Net+ cards allow merchants to extend customer loyalty and lifetimes.

The new version of the NEOVIA Payment Suite is designed to expand the reach of merchants into the global market place and to make it easier for their customers to pay, allowing them to focus on running their core businesses. Compared to simply accepting card payments online, the payment suite is a superior solution for merchants, reducing fraud, lowering transaction costs and improving customer loyalty.

The major service upgrade includes the following significant enhancements:
* All new flexible Web payment channel: The upgraded service replaces the current NETBANX 4 Web checkout channel with the new Unified-PayPage™. This new secure hosted checkout page service is PCI DSS compliant and delivers more flexibility for merchants in terms of user-experience, brand, payment workflow, language selection and payment options. These options can be customised “on the fly” to provide a specific payment experiences for each customer transaction in real-time.
* New single integration for online payments: With the upgrade of the Payment Suite, merchants can now access all Web payment types through a single integration, including all card and non-card payments, NETELLER e-wallet, POLi™ service and all local payment types. A separate integration was previously required for each payment type. This revised, quick and simple integration process means that merchants can now turn on payments on their websites more rapidly.
* More ways for merchants to take revenue: The new version allows merchants to accept payment via the NETELLER e-wallet, Paperless Direct Debit, POLi™ system, Carte Bleue, Carta Si, DIRECTebanking/DirectPay24, and Ukash. All existing payment types are also supported, including VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, JCB, Diners, iDeal, Giropay and ELV. With the service upgrade merchants can also automatically open NETELLER e-wallets for customers who buy at their websites. Payments via the NETELLER e-wallet provides better security, privacy and convenience than credit and debit cards and offers merchants 100% indemnified payments, as well as offering merchants the most convenient and cost effective way to make consumer payouts.
* Expanded global marketplace: Dynamic Currency Conversion and additional languages are now integrated into the heart of the new NETBANX gateway service. For the NETELLER e-wallet a range of new currencies have been added including AUD (Australia), BGN (Bulgaria), DKK (Denmark), EEK (Estonia), INR (India), LTL (Lithuania), LVL (Latvia), NOK (Norway), MXN (Mexico), HUF (Hungary), PLN (Poland), RON (Romania), JPY (Japan). Combined with the existing e-wallet currencies of USD, GBP, EUR, SEK, RMB and CAD, merchants can now easily accept payments from almost anywhere in the world in virtually any currency. These currencies are already accepted by the NETBANX gateway.
* Out of the box PCI-DSS compliance: Every year merchants are required to do more and more to satisfy card schemes and regulators. Enhanced technology in the NETBANX gateway means that merchants never see or store customers’ card data, even for repeat billing. This, coupled with NETBANX’s recent PCI DSS certification renewal at the most stringent level 1 classification, means merchants get peace of mind and security out of the box.

“Our goal is to provide a service to merchants that enables them to leverage payments as a strategic driver for their businesses”, said Dan Starr, Executive Vice President of the Merchant Services Division at NEOVIA Financial. “With this significant service upgrade we have made it easier and quicker for merchants to leverage what we believe is the broadest and best global payment suite on the market. It’s the new way to pay and get paid.”

The upgraded NEOVIA Payment Suite service is available immediately. Existing merchants do not need to do anything, as all previous integrations to NETBANX hosted check pages and NETBANX and NETELLER e-wallet APIs are honoured. To access new features, existing merchants may need to upgrade their integration and are invited to contact their account managers.

About NEOVIA Financial Plc

Trusted by consumers and merchants in over 160 countries to move and manage billions of dollars each year, NEOVIA Financial Plc (formerly NETELLER Plc) operates the world's leading independent online payments business. Through its Payment Suite, featuring NETELLER®, NETBANX®, Net+™ and 1-PAY™ brands, NEOVIA specialises in providing innovative and instant payment services where money transfer is difficult or risky due to identity, trust, currency exchange, or distance. Being independent has allowed NEOVIA to support thousands of retailers and merchants in many geographies and across multiple industries.

Subsidiary company NETELLER (UK) Limited is authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to operate as a regulated e-money issuer. For more information about NEOVIA Financial visit

NEOVIA Financial Plc recently changed its corporate identify from NETELLER Plc to better reflect the strength and breadth of its individual product brands. At the same time its ticker symbol changed from NLR to NEO.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 25th November 2008