That’s right. It’s so exciting it hurts…. Hot on the heels of last month’s barnstorming ‘Cut Out and Keep Guide to Online PR‘ comes C&M's all shiny and new Cut Out and Keep Guide to Social Media.

It’s been designed with a view to help nervous clients shake it all out and relax a little.

You can access it (and cut it out and keep it) here:

This amazing new piece of modern Social Media brainwork draws the following concusions:

* Normally these types of charts place client organisations in the middle

* This one doesn’t

* In fact the client 'blob' is nowhere to be seen

* Clients need to get used to Joe Public ‘owning’ their brand through the stuff he does on his Facebook profile, the things he posts on his blog, comments he posts to forums and – if he’s an amatuer photographer – the images he chooses to plonk on Flickr

* In other words, the brand owner is not part of the picture, and there’s no easy way of mediating this flow of content (unlike the good old days of PR)

* BUT, brands can choose to participate and join in with the things that Joe is doing. They can even add their own stuff to these online properties, and get involved in discussions and wotnot

* IMPORTANTLY, all of this ‘user-generated’ content will have a huge impact on search visibility. It’ll be stuffed with keywords, brand and product names, links to sites and all manner of Google-juice

* Brands can choose to see this as a negative, or a big fat positive

* The positive approach is to accept this stream of random content as a plus point – an outsourcing of one's content production efforts if you like

* The trick is to harness it properly….

** About Online PR Agency, Content & Motion

C&M is an Online PR agency that excels at Content Creation, Content Optimisation, and SEO. We use a variety of groovy web marketing techniques to help you win new friends and influence people. The company was founded in mid-2008 by Roger Warner – web marketing junkie, ex-director of PR at IBM Europe, and personality type D.

The company works on the partnership model of all great consultancies, meaning that ownership is shared, staff are obsessive, brains and egos are large, and attention spans are notoriously focused. Fortunately this is good news for our clients, who tend to benefit from consolidated bouts of outrageously good service and smart thinking and execution.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 25th November 2008