- Bales Worldwide doubles direct marketing campaign response rates and increases sales...by delivering to each of its customers personalised and integrated communications across email, direct mail and via SMS.

- All automated from a single software platform, Neolane.

TWICKENHAM, UK – December 2nd 2008 - Enterprise marketing software provider Neolane today revealed that its customer Bales Worldwide, a tour operator, has increased sales by some five percent per annum since May 2007 when it implemented the Neolane Cross-Channel Marketing Optimisation solution. Bales Worldwide credits much of the increase to the Neolane marketing automation software which it says doubled response rates to customer marketing campaigns.

“We offer a broad product range to a large and diverse customer base with a variety of holiday preferences,” said Raymond Howe, marketing communications manager at Bales Worldwide. “Neolane enables us build a single view of each individual in our customer database and to automatically create timely, content personalised campaign communications that match our customers’ holiday preferences. This is stimulating interest, interaction and sales.”

He continued: “We run our campaigns with the support of just two non-dedicated marketing staff and can launch new initiatives at two hours notice.”

While ‘multi-channel’ marketing practices and software solutions take a silo approach with little cross-channel campaign consistency, Neolane Cross-Channel Marketing Optimisation allows marketers to use a combination of channels collaboratively. It enables marketers to reach customers with personalised, relevant and event-triggered content – and keep to a consistent message across the channel mix. Customer interaction such as purchases and preferences are recorded within a single customer view, meaning that the very latest interaction via any channel can be quickly accounted for and accommodated in subsequent communications.

Bales has analysed the success metrics of standard content [Note 1] against personalised [Note 2] and also inferred [Note 3] content campaigns. Using test groups, it has found that for its business:

- Email opening rates rise on average from around 20 percent for standard emails to 46 percent for personalised content to more than 56 percent when inferred preferences are used to determine content.

- Click throughs rise from 8 percent to 29 percent to 41 percent.

- Reactivity climbs from 24 percent to 38 percent to 49 percent.

According to the most recent DMA Email Marketing Council survey of the UK’s leading email service providers [Note 4], in the first quarter of 2008, their unique opening rates in retention campaigns averaged 22 percent (versus 56 percent at Bales) and average unique click through rates 8 percent (versus 41 percent at Bales).

Bales recently extended personalised campaigns cross-channel using Neolane. A mailing sent in August 2008 to 50,000 people delivered a response rate of 14% after one month.

“By whichever metric we consider the improvements, Neolane has at least doubled our campaign response rates,” said Howe.

Bales’ marketers were able to make first use of the Neolane platform after just a 12-day implementation and training period. Source data extraction, cleansing, migration to the datamart and matching to create single views took around two weeks.


[1] Standard email content used no personal preference data

[2] Personalised content was determined by historical client data

[3] Inferred content was gathered from web visits following responses to an earlier email

[4] National Email Benchmarking Report, Q1 2008: http://www.dma.org.uk/content/Rsc-popVue.asp?msg=3066

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Published on: 12:00AM on 2nd December 2008