Frankfurt, 2 December 2008 - Nedstat and Neue Digitale have extended their engagement with the BILD-Group. After the successful cooperation for the launch of BILDmobil, the web analytics specialist and the digital marketing agency now also provide detailed insights into the user behaviour of the mobile portals COMPUTER BILD and AUTO BILD to optimise content and leverage online marketing possibilities.

With more than 14 million page views per month BILDmobil is one of the most successful mobile internet portals in Germany. In line with the print section, mother company Axel Springer has enhanced its mobile portfolio by computer and automotive content and once again entrusted Nedstat and Neue Digitale with the measurement and optimisation of the two new mobile portals.

COMPUTER BILDmobil and AUTO BILDmobil are available for free as part of the BILDmobil subscription. "Mobile internet is a relatively new medium", explains Tanja Hacker, project manager of BILDmobil. "With Nedstat and Neue Digitale we have found two partners who have a deep knowledge in this area and who fulfil our technical and functional requirements."

Since the launch of BILDmobil in 2007 the user behaviour has been closely monitored so improvements could be made based on true data-supported insights. With the recent launch of LIVE SEGMENTATION in Sitestat, the possibilities for analysis have been expanded even more. The complete spectrum of Sitestat reports can now be applied to the segment of 'Mobile users' and analysed real-time for any time period including today. Nedstat is one of the few web analytics providers that offer 'mobile reports' to track essential information about mobile phone brands and types, operating systems, screen resolutions and more.

"We are delighted with this new assignment which we see as a reward for our work so far", says Ralf Haberich, Marketing Manager at Nedstat. "Now that mobile devices are becoming more advanced, people get used to accessing web content on the go. BILD is a frontrunner in this emerging market and by paying attention to their user's preferences they will manage to keep a competitive advantage and market leading position."

About Nedstat

Nedstat is European leader in website analytics.

The products and services enable companies to improve the effectiveness and profitability of their online communication and business.

Nedstat makes website analytics straightforward and accessible for users of all levels and disciplines. Products are easy to use, reports are clear and fast to access, customisation is easy and services and support are personal and high quality.

Nedstat employs 180 people in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The client list includes many renowned and internationally operating organisations like Electrabel, Ernst & Young, KarstadtQuelle, Renault, Panasonic and Wolters Kluwer. Also, numerous government and not-for-profit organisations have benefited from Nedstat's expertise in delivering reports on users' behaviour online.

Key accreditations by Europe's leading independent web-standards organisations, such as ABC electronic, OJD, KIA and Audiweb ensure that customers' metrics are in full compliance with leading industry standards.

About Axel Springer, parent company of BILD MOBIL

Established by the publisher of the same name in 1946, today Axel Springer is Germany's largest newspaper and third-largest magazine publisher as well as one of the leading European media enterprises.

Axel Springer creates and distributes information and entertainment through newspapers, magazines and digital media services. Its broad media portfolio encompasses successfully established multimedia brand families such as the BILD- and WELT-Groups.

With over 170 newspapers and magazines, more than 50 online offerings for various different interest groups and information needs, as well as its holdings in television and radio stations, Axel Springer is active in a total of 33 countries.

About Neue Digitale

Neue Digitale is a creative agency for digital marketing with its head office in Frankfurt am Main and a branch in Berlin. Founded in 1998, Neue Digitale provides solutions for integrated marketing. Besides strategic consultancy, the full digital service also covers creative design, technical implementation, online media, analysis and mobile marketing.

Since August 2006 Neue Digitale has been part of the largest American network for digital marketing, Avenue A | Razorfish. The list of clients includes brand names such as adidas, Audi, Nintendo of Europe and Olympus Europa. For years now, Neue Digitale has been one of the most creative multi-media service providers in Germany.

The Neue Digitale unit Pocketframes specialises in mobile marketing. Pocketframes has been providing solutions for campaigns, content & applications and mobile user interfaces since 2003. Pocketframes works for brands such as BILD, AOL, o2, GelbeSeiten, Samsung, Werder Bremen, adidas and Axe.

For more information, please contact: Nedstat B.V., Ulrike Ziegler, phone +31 (0) 20 519 54 01, e-mail For more information about Nedstat, go to

Published on: 12:00AM on 3rd December 2008