Vendors demand performance before payment

Leading e-retailers participating in this year’s 24/7 DAY internet shopping promotion ( have given a clear sign that performance-based advertising is now a necessity for business. Companies of all sizes have requested that their participation in this annual event, run by IMRG in association with the Daily Mirror, is on the basis that they will pay commission on performance and sales rather than a flat fee, regardless of revenue potential.

Climaxing on the 24th July, 24/7 is designed to encourage the 20 million adults in the UK who have not yet shopped online, to do so. The campaign offers millions of consumers the chance to win prizes, offers and discounts from participating big name brands advertising on the site.

TradeDoubler, Europe’s leading provider of online marketing and sales is providing the online tracking technology on the 24/7 website, ensuring the advertisers’ demands for information regarding the performance of their advertisements can be delivered.

In addition Kelkoo, Europe’s largest shopping search engine and largest ecommerce website after Amazon and eBay, is also providing key consultancy and tracking in its role as key sponsor.

James Roper, CEO, IMRG said, “Advertising budgets continue to remain tight and companies are under continual pressure to demonstrate a return on their advertising investment. This year’s 24/7 event has given a clear message to the industry that businesses now fully understand the level of evaluation and measurement that the internet can uniquely deliver. They will continue to demand this level of accountability when using this channel and I strongly believe that pay-for-performance will become a standard e-retail requirement before the year is out.”

Through TradeDoubler’s technology, participating organisations will be provided with information, post the event, regarding the number of consumers who have clicked on their advert, whether a sale or lead has been made and, among other things, if the visit was generated via the Daily Mirror website. This information will prove vital for vendors when evaluating the investment made in participating in this campaign, including reviewing the offers they chose to promote and format of the advert.

Will Cooper, chief marketing officer, TradeDoubler said, “Marketers want to be able to evaluate their advertising investment. They want to know what is generating the desired response and what is not and therefore needs to be changed. The internet is the only medium that can be accurately tracked and give businesses a true idea of the value of their investment in terms of comparing the budget and time spent on a campaign versus the results obtained. I am confident that we will continue to see the increasing trend of budgets being diverted from more traditional media and allocated to the internet.”

Those of Kelkoo’s clients choosing to participate in this campaign will also benefit from reports about levels of sales leads and enquiries. Once a consumer clicks through from the 24/7 website to Kelkoo’s website (, their behaviour will be tracked, giving vendors the level of information they have demanded.

Glen Drury, Managing Director of (UK), commented, “Kelkoo’s core business is delivering targeted traffic to our retail partners, ensuring they receive a good return on their advertising budget. More than 2,000 online retailers are now spending their advertising budget with Kelkoo. The demand for the extension of this model to traditional offline advertising channels is a clear indication of the positive results that retailers are seeing from online advertising services such as Kelkoo.”


The following people will be available on Tuesday 27th July to talk about the 24/7 results in more detail, including numbers of visitors, ‘hottest’ campaigns and interesting findings revealed through the tracking technology as well as what these results indicate for the future of e-commerce and marketing:

James Roper, CEO, IMRG
Will Cooper, Chief Marketing Officer, TradeDoubler
Greg Grant, Marketing director,

If you would be interested in speaking to them please contact either Belinda or Gia to schedule a briefing:

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Published on: 12:00AM on 20th July 2004