The Products Generator EMS, or E-commerce Management System TM, is a total solution for the generation, management and display of commission-earning products for your online business

Our EMS, or E-commerce Management System is specifically designed to integrate e-commerce into any CMS system.

The Products Generator EMS can generate 1000's of the latest and most popular, best-selling, commission-earning products from major vendors, i.e., from keywords stored in any CMS system. This is made possible by our patent applied for EMS Integrator that brings the power of the Products Generator EMS to any CMS.

Products Generator can transform any static website into a full-blown online database-driven e-commerce business yielding potentially maximum commission from top vendors' affiliate schemes.

To build on the success we have achieved with we are currently seeking other websites to implement the system on to, so we are approaching web design companies and developers like yourselves to evaluate the system with a view to implementing it on a trial basis on one of their client's websites.

Our ultimate aim is to produce a success chart showing the value of products generated for particular websites. At the moment, obviously, is at No 1 in the charts with 2.2 million dollars' worth of commission-earning products generated for their online business.

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To view Products Generator in action click on the link to the Famous Locations case study:

To view Products Generator EMS integrated into the Famous Locations CMS:

To date Products Generator, from the keywords in the Famous Locations database or CMS, has generated over 136,000 products from major vendors, worth approximately just over $2,200,000 PLUS all the products are in context with the content of the site.

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Products Generator Ltd is based in Surrey, England
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Published on: 12:00AM on 21st July 2004