- The owner of London’s most distinguished hotels will implement Neolane to create automated, personalised-content, direct marketing campaigns to present relevant customer communications that stimulate customer loyalty, repeat bookings and cross-sales -

TWICKENHAM, UK – December 10th 2008 - Enterprise marketing software provider Neolane has today announced Maybourne Hotel Group as a new customer in the United Kingdom. Maybourne will begin implementing Neolane’s marketing automation software in December 2008 and expects to launch its first campaigns by February 2009.

Using the Neolane software, Maybourne will build a clear profile of each of its guests from real-time and historical data and then use the application to create a programme of automated marketing campaigns. The content of each communication will be specific to each individual’s profile; such as their hotel, room, dining and in-house event preferences and any pattern in the timing of their visits. Maybourne will use Neolane’s cross-channel marketing features to run both email and direct mail campaigns in a coordinated fashion to present relevant and consistent offers and messages to its customers.

“We want to continue to conduct campaigns in house, for the control it gives us; but feel we can improve customer relationships, loyalty and campaign response rates by ensuring our direct marketing is more relevant to every guest as an individual,” said Mike Bonner, marketing director of Maybourne Hotel Group. “We selected Neolane over other marketing automation vendors because its tool has a track record of delivering an exceptional return on investment, can be implemented quickly and is known to be sophisticated in functionality yet welcomed by marketers for ease of use.”

Within Neolane, Maybourne’s guest’s profiles will be updated automatically for new transactions and responses to campaigns, including insight inferred from their navigation of the hotels’ websites. This ensures subsequent campaigns are up-to-the-minute in their relevancy.

“Neolane enables companies with many thousands of customers and a range of products and services, to optimise their marketing communications with every individual – by tailoring every message to each person’s areas of interest,” said Jeremy Bedford, operations director of Neolane in the UK. “Using Neolane our customers can model the likely rates of response to campaign topics and create and launch those which will deliver the greatest returns all from a single point of control - to win response rates that significantly exceed industry standards.”


About Maybourne Hotel Group
Maybourne Hotel Group whose headquarters is in Mayfair, London, owns and manages Claridge's, The Connaught and The Berkeley, three of the world's most renowned hotels. Maybourne hotels are committed to delivering authentic and unique guest experiences that reflect the individual nature of its hotels, its guests and its people whilst maintaining a timeless elegance and intuitive service style that are the hallmarks of its properties. Visit: http://www.maybourne.com

About Neolane
Neolane provides the only enterprise marketing software specifically designed to manage, automate and optimise coordinated, personalised messages across both traditional and emerging channels including mobile. Neolane’s cross-channel marketing solutions are built on a single, open platform that centrally manages direct marketing campaigns, leads, resources, customer data and analytics to improve effectiveness and ROI. More than 140 of the world’s most innovative marketers including Accor Hotels, EMI, Orange and zavvi run Neolane. Visit www.neolane.com

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Published on: 12:00AM on 10th December 2008