<p>Bazaarvoice serves up to 15.8 million customer reviews per day to UK consumers in the month leading up to Mega Monday; review impressions increase 51% over November.</p>

<p>Social commerce technology company Bazaarvoice revealed that in the month leading up to Monday 8 December – Mega Monday – there was a 51% increase in the number of customer reviews served across its UK client base, which includes brands such as Boden, Early Learning Centre, Comet, Argos, Wickes and QVC. Review usage peaked at 8.45pm GMT on Monday 1 December, where Bazaarvoice served nearly 386 reviews per second.</p>

<p>Mega Monday was reported to have been the busiest online shopping day this year so far in terms of sales, with online retailers recording pre-Christmas sales of £320 million, according to The Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG). The spike in online purchases was paired with a surge in the use of customer ratings and reviews. While only the third-biggest traffic day this year, the Bazaarvoice figures indicate that UK consumers spent significant time researching products online before making their final purchases on Mega Monday. </p>

<p>Bazaarvoice also reported an increase in the number of answers given using its platform Ask & Answer; an application which encourages people to help fellow consumers by allowing them to answer questions about products.</p>

<p>“There are only a few shopping days left until Christmas, and consumers are turning to customer reviews and user opinions more than ever to ensure they purchase the perfect products this season,” said Bazaarvoice’s Chief Marketing Officer Sam Decker. “Product reviews are invaluable to consumers, as they give shoppers confidence and help buyers make more informed purchases. The increase in the number of reviews accessed this season shows that customers are seeking out others’ opinions before committing to a purchase.”</p>

<p>About Bazaarvoice
<br />Bazaarvoice (<a href="http://www.bazaarvoice.co.uk">www.bazaarvoice.co.uk</a&gt;) is a social commerce technology company. It helps over 290 brands globally including Boots, Halfords, Wickes, Thomas Cook, Comet, QVC and Boden to harness and amplify customer online word of mouth. </p>

<p>Bazaarvoice’s products - Ratings & Reviews™, Ask & Answer™ and Stories™ - are social commerce applications that drive sales. They enable customers to review products, ask and answer questions and share stories online; enhancing the online shopping experience and allowing them to make more informed and rewarding purchase decisions. Benefits for the retailer include content ownership, seamless customisation, increased search engine optimisation impact, advanced analytics and syndication across the web. Retailers can also leverage the content generated across on and offline marketing channels.</p>

<p>Founded in 2005, Bazaarvoice has offices in the UK, US, France and Singapore. The company was named in 2007’s Red Herring Global 100. The blog is at <a href="http://www.bazaarblog.com">www.bazaarblog.com</a>.</p&gt;

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Published on: 10:34AM on 15th December 2008