<p>December 15th 5% smaller than December 8th
<br />but year-on-year much better</p>

<p>Screen Pages, the e-commerce services company and Google Analytics Authorised Consultant, has released a study showing e-commerce websites performed on the so-called “Mega Mondays”, 8th and 15th December – and comparison with the equivalent Mondays from 2007.</p>

<p>The main findings are:</p>

<p>• Overall visitors were up YOY on average 66%, but 5% lower than Monday 8th
<br />• For larger sites (with over 10,000 visitors per day), the average visitor YOY increase was 109%
<br />• Average conversions were up 41% for the group, but down 12% for the 10,000 visitor+ segment)
<br />• Average order values were down by 3.3% overall (but up 3.4% for the 10,000 visitor+ segment)
<br />• Overall, sales were up by 106% on average (and up 76% for the 10,000 visitor+ segment)</p>

<p>The second “mega Monday” (on the 15th December) was slightly smaller than the first – with visitors down 9% on the second compared to the first - but much better when compared to last year (66% up on last year versus a 35% increase for the 8th). The second Monday also performed better in terms of sales, compared to the previous years – sales on the second Monday (nearly 30% better again than the 73% YOY improvement shown on the first Monday).</p>

<p>Screen Pages’ study covers 21 retailers using data derived from Google Analytics.
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<br />Notes to editors</p>

<p>About Screen Pages</p>

<p>Screen Pages (<a href="http://www.screenpages.com">http://www.screenpages.com</a&gt;) has provided e-commerce and related value-added marketing services to niche retailers and mail order companies since 2002. Its e-commerce approach blends creative, analytical, marketing and technical services designed to increase a brand's sales online. Screen Pages' portfolio includes over 60 clients such as Thorntons, Browns Fashion, East, Joules Clothing, Smythson and Soletrader

Published on: 4:16PM on 17th December 2008