<p>Ryanair is Europe's original low fares airline and continues to be Europe's largest low fares carrier. This year Ryanair will carry 58 million passengers on 800+ low fare routes across 28 European countries. With all Ryanair flight tickets being sold exclusively via <a href="http://www.ryanair.com">www.ryanair.com</a&gt;, reliable and real time analytics are essential to monitoring and optimising the performance of their website as well as fine tuning their advertising initiatives.</p>

<p>Prior to the expiry of their existing supplier contract Ryanair decided to re-evaluate all of the key web analytics players to find one that could best meet their requirements. The marketing team started a very thorough search and decided to use AT Internet, a key player in the web analytics market since 1995.</p>

<p>The AT Internet solution very clearly met all of Ryanair’s requirements. The quality of its professional services and customer support teams made the decision very easy to make.</p>

<p>To allow Ryanair to evaluate AT Internet’s ability to meet all of its specific Online Intelligence needs, a one month evaluation period was agreed and put in place. Success of the evaluation period was to be measured on the following criteria:</p>

<p> - Does the solution cater for all of Ryanair’s specific needs
<br /> - Is AT Internet’s infrastructure capable of maintaining performance and producing reliable data considering the very large data volumes generated by Ryanair
<br /> - Is the reporting interface highly usable and accessible enabling easy distribution of reports amongst key stakeholders
<br /> - How dynamic are the Professional Services and support teams
<br /> - Does the product bring cost savings and efficiencies
<br /> - Can the Knowhow and experience of the consultants support the delivery of the full web analytics project</p>

<p>The test was deemed a success. In particular, Ryanair was very impressed by the fact that in a very short period of time, its web pages were tagged. In fact, within a single week of starting the test, data was already available with reports being shared internally.</p>

<p>“With our website being the core of our business, reliable intelligence is what drives our efforts on traffic generation and conversion. AT Internet have proved to be an agile and dependable partner, both from a technical and know-how point of view,” says Dara Brady, Head of Advertising, Ryanair.com.</p>

<p>“Our partnership with Ryanair highlights our growing success on the international stage. It is a great honour for us to be working with one of the leading airlines in Europe, that depends so much on the success of its web activities.” says Nicolas Babin, COO, AT INTERNET.</p>

<p>A three year contract has been agreed between Ryanair and AT Internet. Analyzer II is the solution that has been implemented along with the SalesTracker module which enables powerful reporting on all ecommerce activities.</p>

<p>--- Ends ---</p>

<p>About AT Internet : <a href="http://www.atinternet.com">www.atinternet.com</a&gt; AT Internet is an independent and trustworthy company that enables an integral analysis of websites, intranet and mobile sites. It has provided real time, Online Intelligence Solutions since 1995. Thanks to its technology and integrity, it has enabled Web Analytics to evolve into decision making solutions: Online Intelligence systems. Its unique solution relies on a robust and reliable technological platform. By creating useful information, it facilitates the work of the different functions in your company to stay focused on performance. Data collected and analysed are varied and cost effective. They offer a centralised vision of your online performance for people directly or indirectly involved in the internet strategy. Thanks to the many audited web sites (more than 350.000), it also allows studies to be published for exclusive and reliable benchmark data.</p>

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Published on: 6:59PM on 17th December 2008