<p>Due to an increase in demand for services, over the last year Box UK has hired a number of new employees and added capacity by creating significant new permanent full time positions including Head of Production, Product Manager, Marketing Executive and Graphic Designer. </p>

<p>This growth has necessitated an increase in our physical capacity. In response to this need, over the last year Box UK has moved into a new larger London-based office in the bustling Soho district and we’ve just signed the lease on a Cardiff-based property to be occupied in February of 2009. With over four levels and 6,000 square feet of space, the new Box UK Cardiff office is currently under renovation to include four kitchens, three meeting rooms, two training rooms and a library. Centrally located near the Millennium Stadium on Westgate Street, it will be an ideal location to welcome clients and visitors, which we look forward to doing early in the New Year. </p>

<p>“We are very pleased to be expanding our operations to meet the needs of those who are most important to us, our clients,” said Benno Wasserstein, Managing Director of Box UK. “We recognise that we are in a unique position given the current economic climate and are grateful for the increased demand for our services. As we prepare to roll out the next generation of our leading Content Management System Amaxus in the Spring of 2009, we are confident that the unparalleled innovation brought to bear in this outstanding product will continue to position Box UK as a leader in the industry.” </p>

<p>2008 was Box UK’s tenth year in business and with a steady involvement in high profile, innovative projects we show no signs of slowing down. Our international reputation continues to allow us the privilege of working with the world’s best people, from FTSE 100 companies to global standards bodies and leading organisations across the UK public and heritage sector. We have worked to create online solutions for a range of clients and major brands including Eidos Interactive, the National Gallery (London), the Royal Navy, World Vision and Visit Wales (the Welsh Assembly Government), to name only a few. </p>

<p>Box UK was born out of the work of leading thinkers and doers in the industry. With offices in London and Cardiff, we are obsessed with the Internet and emerging technologies. Our passion and enthusiasm permeates everything we do, continually inspiring us to create bold, innovative solutions for our clients and partners. </p>

<p>About Amaxus
<br />Amaxus is Box UK’s leading XML Content Management System. With its ability to operate a website that delivers hundreds of thousands of documents and objects through a user-friendly interface, this state-of-the-art system can be customised by Box UK to meet the diverse needs of clients. Already an amazing product, additional innovations will be introduced to Amaxus with the launch of the next generation of the software early in the spring of 2009. Stay tuned to the Box UK website (<a href="http://www.boxuk.com">http://www.boxuk.com</a&gt;) for the latest news on exciting new Amaxus features, launch information and ways that Box UK and its products and services can turn your business visions into reality by creating high-value, low-risk and award-winning solutions. </p>

<p>For more information on Box UK or Amaxus, please call us at +44 (0) 870 707 0031 or email <a href="mailto:info@boxuk.com">info@boxuk.com</a>. </p>


Published on: 10:05AM on 5th January 2009