<p>ServiceTick, the customer feedback company, today announced the appointment of Martin Trott as its new Managing Director. Trott is co-author of “Romancing the Customer” a seminal work on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and has recently been appointed as an advisor to the Said Business School in Oxford.</p>

<p>Patrick Smith, chairman of ServiceTick said: “Since its launch earlier this year
<br />ServiceTick has recruited customers at a faster rate than we had planned and our growth meant we had to grow the management team. We were delighted to be able appoint Martin who has spent a 20-year career focused on customer feedback and will bring to ServiceTick a level of experience and insight that will drive the company towards new opportunities.”</p>

<p>Martin Trott commented: “I’ve worked with all sizes of company, from large global concerns to small online start-ups and I know from experience the importance of customer service. I’m delighted to take up this opportunity with ServiceTick, a company with a unique offering that could not be more relevant as companies seek to protect their revenues in a time of recession”</p>

<p>ServiceTick can be contacted on 01603 618326 or at <a href="http://www.servicetick.com">www.servicetick.com</a></p&gt;


Published on: 12:23PM on 5th January 2009