<p>In response to continuing demand for services such as digital strategy, video production, online display advertising and website design, Acknowledgement (<a href="http://www.acknowledgement.co.uk">www.acknowledgement.co.uk</a&gt;) is delighted to announce the hire of Greg Watts who is taking on the newly formed role of Commercial Director. </p>

<p>Prior to joining Acknowledgement, Greg held senior marketing roles with a number of leading consumer brands including Allied Bakeries, T-Mobile and most recently, Orange, where he led the development of convergence marketing. </p>


<p>About Acknowledgement
<br />Acknowledgement (<a href="http://www.acknowledgement.co.uk">www.acknowledgement.co.uk</a&gt;) is an independent, London-based web agency specialising in digital design, development and strategy. Founded in 2003, its clients include AOL, MTV, Virgin Media, ITV and Time Out. </p>

<p>For further information contact:</p>

<p>Will Smith, Client Services Director, Acknowledgement
<br />T: 020 7655 6555
<br />E: <a href="mailto:will@acknowledgement.co.uk">will@acknowledgement.co.uk</a></p>

<p>Acknowledgement Limited
<br />11-29 Fashion Street
<br />London
<br />E1 6PX</p>

<p><a href="http://www.acknowledgement.co.uk">http://www.acknowledgement.co.uk</a></p&gt;

Published on: 2:39PM on 7th January 2009